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Get inspired and feel motivated for your next training sessions on ROUVY by discovering which routes have been super busy over the last three months. You will soon find out why! These curated routes are those that I have also bookmarked to return to ride repeatedly because of their natural beauty in fascinating landscapes or exciting destinations all over the world. I know that others seem to have the same idea!

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1. Lago di Garda | Italy


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Beginning in northern Italy, north of Verona and at the northernmost tip of the famous, largest and most beautiful lake in Italy, Lake Garda, the Lago di Garda route is spectacular. You’ll be surrounded by mountains, picturesque towns, roads, beaches, hills, and nature at its best. You can see many historical sites along the way, from ancient ruins to castles and villas.

Ride Lago di Garda | Italy

2. Colorado River | UTAH | USA


Ride from Castle Valley to Moab along the Colorado River in Utah on a flat route on a breathtaking journey through stunning red rock landscapes where you'll be treated to magnificent views of towering red rock cliffs, rugged canyons, and the meandering river below.

Ride Colorado River | UTAH | USA


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3. Paris - The City of Love

Paris is a cyclist's paradise, and an 11.65 km route with only 34 metres of climbing is the perfect way to explore this beautiful city. Start at the Eiffel Tower and cycle along the Seine, passing by the Louvre and Notre Dame. Then, head through the charming streets of Le Marais before returning to the Eiffel Tower for a stunning finish.


Ride Paris - The City of Love

4. Obergesteln - Fiesch | Swiss Alps


If you’re looking for a fast and flat ride, the stunning Obergesteln - Fiesch Swiss Alps route – located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, near the Italian border – is perfect. At 2 W/kg, it’ll take approximately 35 minutes to complete. Nestled in a lush green valley with snow-capped peaks in the distance, you’ll enjoy magnificent, varied scenery with great weather – and it's slightly downhill. Because of its unique beauty, this was the first area in the Alps to go on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ride Obergesteln - Fiesch | Swiss Alps

5. Avenue of the Giants | California | USA


The Avenue of the Giants in California, USA lets you ride in total awe through the picturesque and magical ancient redwoods along a 32-kilometre setting within California's third largest state park. Here you’ll enjoy the world's largest and most majestic remaining old-growth forest, with redwood trees that are more than 250 years old. Some of the oldest trees date back to 900 AD and are so large you can drive a car through their trunks. Look out for the deer crossing the road!

Ride Avenue of the Giants | California | USA

6. Cheddar Gorge | Babble Ride Across Britain


A truly iconic natural gem nestled in Somerset’s Mendip Hills, the limestone Cheddar Gorge is widely regarded as one of the best and most scenic cycling climbs in the UK. After riding out of the village of Cheddar, the road heads up, snaking up steeply around some hairpins. The start of the climb is challenging, but the remaining few kilometres are at a much gentler gradient, allowing you the opportunity to climb at your own pace and admire the views from the gorge and then ride further onto to the top of the moor.

Ride Cheddar Gorge | Babble Ride Across Britain

7. Las Vegas at Night | USA


Power through the lively Las Vegas Boulevard at full throttle, or enjoy this world-famous street at night. Thanks to its 11km distance and lack of climbing, the Las Vegas at Night route is a short lunchtime ride or a quick midnight jaunt.

Ride Las Vegas at Night | USA

8. Alpe d'Huez | France



As a regular stage mountain top finish in the Tour de France since 1976, Alpe d'Huez is without a doubt the sport’s most famous climb. While it’s not the most challenging climb in the Tour, Alpe d'Huez is usually the grand finale to a long and gruelling alpine stage and it offers a taste of the pros’ suffering, pain and glory! The journey of carving one's way up the mountain makes it unique, especially the 21 hairpins, which, during the Tour, are lined with more than a million spectators.

Ride Alpe d'Huez | France

9. Lake Pukaki | New Zealand

Ride along the stony shores of Lake Pukaki on the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin on New Zealand's South Island. The lake’s scenic beauty, with its magnificent turquoise waters make this route a must to explore and cycle.


unnamed (12).jpg

Ride Lake Pukaki | New Zealand

10. Nusfjord to Haukland Beach | Norway

The Nusfjord to Haukland Beach Norway route lets ROUVY riders experience a magnificent narrow winding road with sheltered bays and coves, deep fjords surrounded by spectacular, dramatic and rugged mountain scenery, dense forests, and deep valleys. Nusfjord is among the most famous fjords found on the rugged Norwegian coast, which is the longest in Europe.



Ride Nusfjord to Haukland Beach | Norway


Just by jumping on the trainer and picking one of these popular and trending routes or somewhere in another location in the world, you can add excitement and a sense of adventure in the virtual world where you can end the ride feeling invigorated and motivated to travel somewhere else exciting the next time. On ROUVY, you can do that without getting on a plane! The world is your oyster on ROUVY! Come and join me and others today!


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