What's new in the latest ROUVY app

Discover the latest improvements to the ROUVY app to enhance your indoor cycling experience.

Immortalize your top cycling moments with Snapshots

Every goal you conquer can be now captured as snapshots. Capture the breathtaking vistas, challenging climbs, and exhilarating descents with a single tap in the Companion app. Share your triumphs, milestones, or funny moments of your cycling journey with your friends and community.

New Collectable added - Experience

There are now two Collectables you can earn as you ride:

Experience is earned for any activity towards your career progression like Coins were before.

Coins are earned for completed routes and can now be used solely for spending on Avatar Customization.

Frame weight and aerodynamics added

You'll now see that frames have weight and aerodynamic values that will directly affect their riding characteristics. There are also special frames available that you can buy with your Coins.

Ride Strava Live Segments in Just Ride mode

In addition to the TT mode, it is now possible to ride Strava Live Segments in the Just Ride mode, as long as you don't make changes to the reality level settings.

Challenge pop-up

If you are riding a route that is part of a current Challenge, a pop-up notification will invite you to join that challenge.

Share Strava news

You can now share news about reaching a new Career level on Strava with a single click.

Tips as your route loads

You'll now see a progress bar with useful riding tips as your route loads.


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