Plan your summer cycling vacation in Europe

7/11/2024 – Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in Europe

ROUVY is unique for its seamless transition from outdoor to indoor cycling. It offers a wide range of virtual routes with video for a virtual vacation. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely ride through a picturesque village or a famous city or conquering a challenging climb, ROUVY allows you to choose your cycling adventure.

These routes are your cycling adventure guide or itinerary, allowing you to maintain your cycling routine and achieve your fitness goals while exploring the world. Whether you opt for a flat course, rolling hills, or roads that take you skyward, every pedal stroke allows you to push your limits, propel you to higher fitness levels, and explore beautiful and uncharted territory simultaneously. It is the opportunity to fuel your sense of adventure and explore and check off places you may never have visited or explored, nor get the chance in the future—a change of scenery from your usual local cycling route.

With ROUVY, you're not just a cyclist but an adventurer with many possibilities for where to go next! The app's extensive video route library is like a blank canvas, inviting you to paint your journey with vibrant colours of new experiences and adventures. It's your cycling journey, your way, and at your own pace. Choosing a route on ROUVY invites you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

Once you've found a route, ROUVY provides detailed information about the distance, elevation, average and maximum gradient, and estimated completion time. You can also use the platform to train for your vacation by riding the planned route as a regular ride, race, or in a workout, giving you confidence that you're fully prepared for your holiday. If you want to explore the pleasures of travelling further afield on your trainer alone or with your friends, keep reading and be inspired as we head for more European countries.

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Trigance - Castellane - France

From Trigance in southern France, explore a magnificent part of the Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence on your bike. Finish in Castellane, in the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park, the Geological Reserve, on the Route Napoléon, the gateway to the beautiful and rugged Verdon Gorges. Cycle through the immense and majestic canyon, where you can witness the Verdon River's relentless erosion with its colossal limestone cliffs. The rocky gorge lies in a protected natural area rich in diverse fauna and flora.

Verdon-Gorges-ROUVY.jpg Above: Experience the Verdon Gorges in southern France on ROUVY.

Trigance---Castellane.jpg Above: Explore the magnificent Verdon Gorges in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence on ROUVY.

Puy de Dome

The Puy de Dôme is a large lava dome and one of the youngest volcanoes in central France's Chaine des Puys region of the Massif Central. The approach to this bucket list climb from Clermont Ferrand is situated on a UNESCO site. A limited number of cyclists are officially only allowed to access the final and most brutal 6km once a year, and there is access via a scenic train alongside the narrow road.

Puy-de-Dome-on-ROUVY.jpg Above: Ride up the steep spiral climb around the Puy de Dome volcano.

Due to logistical difficulties in reaching the summit and associated risks due to the masses of spectators, the Puy de Dôme was no longer part of the Tour for 35 years until 2023, so it was a momentous and exceptional occasion, including it. The riders had to tackle a highly demanding 10% over almost 6km, which no spectators were allowed access to due to the narrowness of the path. The first half of the climb is straight but then starts to curve and spiral like a curled-up snake on a narrow road alongside a railway around the volcano to the summit.

Puy-de-Dome-ROUVY.jpg Above: Climb the iconic volcano up the Puy de Dome on ROUVY.

Soriška Planina

Soriška Planina is a beautiful mountain plateau in the Idrija Hills of northwestern Slovenia. It is known for its stunning natural scenery. Enjoy the climb in an autumn landscape, finishing at a small ski resort called Soriška Planina.

Soriska-Planina.jpg Above: Climb up to the ski resort at Soriška Planina on ROUVY.

Alto del Cordal | Spain

The Alto del Cordal, at almost 6 km, is a well-known mountain pass in Asturias, Spain. It is frequently featured in professional cycling races like the Vuelta a España. The climb is renowned for its challenging gradients and stunning scenic views. The serene climb from Pola de Lena is the aperitif leading to the mythical Angliru, and it is tough, so prepare for the challenge. The climb is on challenging double-digit gradients to the Alto del Cordal, followed by a long descent and a short uphill at the end.

Alto-del-Cordal-ROUVY.jpg Above: Conquer the Alto del Cordal in Asturias, Spain.

Briksdalen to Kjenndalen

The Briksdalen Valley, located in the municipality of Stryn in Vestland County, Norway, is renowned for its spectacular glacier, Briksdalsbreen. The glacier is an arm of the large Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland. Briksdalsbreen is surrounded by stunning scenery, towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear blue glacial water. It's a popular tourist destination and offers various cycling and hiking opportunities for visitors to experience the breathtaking beauty of the glacier and its surroundings. You can ride this fantastic route on ROUVY, which was filmed by one of our professional video creators, René Hannemann.

Briksdalen-to-Kjenndalen-ROUVY.jpg Above: Admire the spectacular scenery in the Briksdalen Valley on ROUVY.

René describes the route for us: ‘This magnificent route leads from the end of the Briksdalen Valley near the foot of the Briksdalsbreen Glacier via Olden and Loen to the Kjenndalen Valley, which also leads to the glacier of the same name. You can see the glacier at the very end of the route. The route is slightly undulating over 40 km and mostly on minor roads. The route first heads downwards into the valley along the Oldevatnet Lake, flat along the fjord in the middle, where you can see one of many cruise ships, and then upwards to the end, mainly along the beautiful Lovatnet Lake.’

Briksdalen-Lake-Lovatnet-Norway-ROUVY.jpg Above: Cycle alongside the magnificent turquoise-coloured Lovatnet Lake in Norway.

There are so many places to travel to on ROUVY. We have already visited Austria, Germany, and the USA in this blog series. These other great locations can motivate you to keep up the momentum on your summer vacation adventure. Explore our vast video library with over a thousand ROUVY routes to suit your travel tastes and training program. Next stop, Italy!


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