ROUVY and Challenge Family fundraiser for Türkiye and Syria

3/29/2023 – Danny Holman

ROUVY and Challenge Family fundraiser for Türkiye and Syria

ROUVY and Challenge Family came together to raise $35,000 for the Red Cross after the Türkiye and Syria earthquake disaster.

The earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria in February 2023 caused massive loss of life and infrastructure. Assistance of all kinds was desperately needed and impelled ROUVY to help and show our support. A joint initiative between ROUVY and Challenge Family was set up to raise money that could directly help and make a small difference to the Türkiye and Syria rebuild.


Similar to the Ride for Ukraine event that we organized in March 2022, ROUVY set up a special ride to provide much-needed aid to Türkiye and Syria. We created a dedicated cycling route through the streets of Prague (where ROUVY is based) and for every ride completed we donated $1 to the Red Cross in Prague, whose work is directly helping those affected by the tragedy.


Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY, says: Türkiye and Syria were recently struck with an earthquake that has caused many to seek support during their recovery process. With the help of the entire virtual community of cyclists around the world, I’m confident that together we can do our part to show love and support for those affected. We hope that through our combined efforts, Türkiye and Syria will recover quickly and fully.

Jort Vlam, CEO of Challenge Family says: We are deeply touched by the terrible disaster in Türkiye and Syria. A disaster that has taken place and disrupted so many lives, families and households. While fully aware that we cannot change anything about the suffering at this moment, we still want to do what we can to help all those people in need. We hope we can count on your support: please join us, so that together we can raise as much money as possible to help rebuild Türkiye and Syria and offer support. Together we stand strong.



Over the duration of the event, 8671 riders took part in the event from 100 countries and 6642 completed the route with 132,730km ridden. A grand total of 799,450 Czech Crowns (approx $35,000) was donated to the Czech Red Kross. Of this total, $15,000 was donated by Challenge Family and the rest came from ROUVY.

certificate from the Red Cross confirming a donation of 799,450kc


The raised money has been be transferred to ČESKÝ ČERVENÝ KŘÍŽ’s (Czech Red Cross) transparent account. 18,000 members of the Türkish, Syrian, and Palestinian National Societies of the Red Cross organization have intervened on the ground. The Czech Red Cross is supporting its Türkish and Syrian colleagues financially and, according to their instructions, have prepared material assistance and supply of medical supplies.


So once again, ROUVY would like to send a huge thank you to our community for the support you have shown and the real help you have helped to provide. You are amazing!

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