Work on your VO2 Max and improve the quality of your training with ROUVY!

Work on VO2 Max

Stay motivated and get fitter to meet any challenge.

Your starting point for indoor cycling training

With this plan you'll learn the basics to becoming a better cyclist. Practice short sprints, high intensity rides and pyramid workouts.


In the first week, we will show you the training plan. We'll focus on short but intense workouts that will help you improve your Vo2max. Let's do it!


In the second week, we'll gradually increase the intensity of your workouts, focusing on refining endurance and efficiency at high intensity. This approach is designed to extend the duration and effectiveness of your VO2 Max efforts, a critical phase for boosting your overall performance and stamina.


You should feel considerable fatigue this week, but that's fine. You're on your way to getting better. The workouts will again focus on shorter and longer interval variations. Don't worry—the long ones will be shorter than last week.


It’s the last week! There are just two more workouts left and then a well-deserved rest. One of the workouts is called "Not A Simple Workout," with this, you’ll push your limits and then wrap it up.

What to do after the training plan?

After completing the plan, it's crucial to prioritise your recovery! Take at least one week to rest and rejuvenate. During this time, stay within your aerobic threshold and maintain a slightly higher cadence while riding in Zones 1 and 2. Remember, recovery is just as important as training.