Follow this 4-week Training Plan to improve your skills.

Time Trialist's plan

This one is especially for riders who want to become better TT specialists. Longer tempo intervals mixed with some sprints as well.

Your starting point for indoor cycling training

Improve your TT skills and rocket speeds while hammering it home in your Tempo and Sweet Spot zones, riding steadily, and pushing your aerobic threshold power to the max.


Workouts in the first week will focus on activating your muscles. Get your time trial bike ready and kick off. For maximum effect, it's important to ride these workouts in the time trial position to get your body used to it.

WEEK # 2

After the first week, you found out your current standing In the second one we'll repeat some of the workouts and change others. We'll also work on improving your time trial starts.


In the third week we repeat the workouts but increase the length of the intervals. It may hurt but no pain no gain. These intervals will help you improve!


Kick it up a notch and complete your mission. Better time trial skills within your reach - you just need to finish this final tune-up week. And don't worry, after completing this week comes a well-deserved mandatory rest.