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12/19/2023 Jakub Cvanda

5 ESSENTIAL hacks for your new indoor cycling trainer

What a great feeling, right? You've just opened a big box and found a brand-new turbo trainer in there. You want to try it right away and immediately connect it to your bike, but hold on. First things first. Here's our quick checklist for setting it up correctly!

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10/19/2022 Jakub Cvanda

7 tips for setting up your pefect indoor ride

Your bike is ready, your trainer is ready. Now it's time to make it as enjoyable as possible. Getting a proper set-up is easy, all it takes is a few thoughtful choices and you’ll be able to spin through the winter or a rainy season with extra joy and some improved performance for your upcoming outdoor adventures.

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10/14/2022 Danny Holman

More comfort, less pain: The importance of bike fitting

The correct bicycle fit is crucial to your cycling experience. One small imperfection or inaccuracy in the fit of your bike can cause substantial discomfort, which can be highly bothersome over time and can reduce the joy of your rides. That is why taking the time to measure yourself, and your new bike, accurately before purchase is crucial to maximizing your cycling experience and comfort

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