Plan your summer cycling vacation in Germany

5/22/2024 – Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in Germany

One of the most unique aspects of ROUVY is its ability to transition you from outdoor to indoor cycling seamlessly. With a wide variety of virtual routes, each one offering a unique adventure, ROUVY is a versatile tool for maintaining your cycling routine and achieving your fitness goals. Whether you're in the mood for a flat course, rolling hills, or a challenging climb, ROUVY has it all. You can even use ROUVY to prepare and train for a particular goal event or bucket list climb. It's more than just a cycling platform. It's your personal cycling adventure guide.

Whether you opt for a flat course, rolling, or roads that ascend to the sky, every pedal stroke allows you to push your limits, propel you to higher fitness levels, and explore exotic and uncharted territory simultaneously. It is the opportunity to fuel your sense of adventure and explore and check off places you may never have the opportunity to, a change of scenery from your usual local route. Alternatively, you can prepare and train for a specific goal event or bucket list climb to aim for on a memorable trip that you plan on riding for your next vacation. The sky is the limit!

With ROUVY, you're not just a cyclist. You're an explorer. The app's extensive video route library is like a blank canvas, inviting you to paint your journey with vibrant colours of new experiences and discoveries. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely ride through a picturesque village or a challenging climb up a mountain, ROUVY allows you to choose your cycling adventure. It's your journey, your way.

Choosing a route on ROUVY invites you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. It's a thrilling journey searching for beautiful virtual destinations or challenging climbs to conquer across six continents. If you want to explore the pleasures of travelling further afield on your trainer, keep reading, be inspired, and find out where to teleport your brain this summer.

One of our experienced professional video creators, Christian Haas, is eager to unveil his exciting new flat and fast routes and provide more background behind each.

​​Explore Germany this summer

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Gemünden to Hammelburg in the idyllic valley of the Franconian Saale

A small segment of the extensive 120 km cycle path winds through the enchanting Franconian Saale valley, a 140 km long river in the southern part of the Rhöne that originates and flows into the Main in Gemünden. The journey commences at the Franconian Saale and the mouth of the Main, a perfect starting point. You'll pass through lush green meadows and picturesque villages with traditional half-timbered houses and cross the river on ancient sandstone bridges, each with its unique past.

Gemunden to Hammelburg in Germany on ROUVY

The route guides you along peaceful, low-traffic roads that follow the river to Hammelburg. Along the way, you'll pass the historic Schönau nunnery and traverse charming villages with traditional half-timbered houses. Known as 'fachwerk' in German, these timber-framed buildings, with their sloping roofs and dark wooden beams, are typical of the late medieval building style and may date back to the 12th century. You then cross the river on ancient sandstone bridges, each with a unique story.

Gemunden to Hammelburg in Germany on ROUVY

Above: The route follows the river Fränkische Saale, which joins the Main in Gemünden.

Gemunden to Hammelburg in Germany on ROUVY

Above: The river must be crossed on a floating bridge.

In a meadow between Gräfendorf and Schonderfeld, there is a bridge pillar from a motorway that was not completed in the 1930s. A unique part of Bidet, the Rossmühle, a leisure centre for camping with boat rental, where the river must be crossed on a floating bridge (pontoon bridge) to Morlesau, a through town on cobblestones, the valley of the Saale gradually widens until Hammelburg is reached.

Gemunden to Hammelburg in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Cycling over the old cobbled streets in the old village.

Gemunden to Hammelburg in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Cycle past the 'fachwerk', the old timber-framed buildings.

Hammelburg is considered the oldest wine town in Franconia and was first mentioned in documents in 716, making Hammelburg one of the 30 oldest cities in Germany. Some might also think that the name of this city comes from the US American sitcom series ''Hogan's Heroes''.

Ride the new German route.

Hammelburg to Gemünden, the return journey

This course follows the same route, but on the reverse, you’ll see the beautiful scenery from another perspective.

Ride the new German route.

Hafenlohrtal to Rothenbuch, a gem of the Spessart

The new German route from Hafenlohrtal to Rothenbuch is a tranquil and renowned valley in the Spessart, home to a unique cultural and natural landscape, the Hochspessart. This landscape, situated near Marktheidenfeld, is lovely. The gatehouses in the Spessart, marking the entrance to the Fürstlich Löwensteiner Park that partially encircles this valley, are a testament to its uniqueness. One of my preferred routes takes you deep into the Spessart, where you're immediately enveloped in a peaceful ambience upon leaving the last town. The journey commences in Marktheidenfeld, a picturesque village where you cross the bridge and enter the Hafenlohr, named after the river and valley, setting the stage for a memorable excursion.

Hafenlohrtal to Rothenbuch in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Over the bridge in Marktheidenfeld and enter Hafenlohr.

Our journey continues through Windheim, where we cross a bridge and turn right into the picturesque valley of the Hafenlohbach. As the road meanders into the forest, there is a herd of water buffalo (unfortunately, not visible in the video as they were enjoying a swim in the stream at this time of day).

After a few km, we ride through the Tothaus Breitfurt to the Fürstlich Löwensteinsche Park, a 30.67 km² forest area. We then cross the Einsiedel, once a former monastery courtyard and today the headquarters of the Princely Forestry Administration.

Hafenlohrtal to Rothenbuch in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Enjoy cycling through the magnificent Spessart forests on ROUVY.

The path leaves the park at the forest and gatehouse and climbs until you reach the old Erlenfurt forester's house, built in 1861 and now a listed building. The next point is at a road junction in Lichtenau, a 15th-century stud farm that is now an inn. From here, the route becomes very peaceful until you reach the town of Rohtenbuch.

Ride the new German route.

Niedernberg to Miltenberg, a journey of culture and heritage

The scenic Main Cycle Route spans approximately 500 kilometres from the source rivers, the Red and White Main, to the Rhine's confluence and is a popular choice for touring cyclists. The specific section I captured on film runs upstream from Niedernberg to Miltenberg. Notably, Oberburg, founded by the Romans, often yields archaeological findings during construction work. The tower stands at the entrance to Wörth am Main, with remains of the medieval town wall and tower (Tannenturm) built in the 15th century.

Niedernberg to Miltenber in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Ride along one of the many extensive and scenic cycle paths.

Niedernberg to Miltenber in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Wörth am Main with remains of the mediaeval town wall and 15th-century tower (Tannenturm).

As you cross the river to Wörth, you'll encounter the shipyard of Erlenbach, a historical site established in 1668. Continuing your journey, you'll traverse Klingenberg, a charming mediaeval town renowned for its vineyards and castle ruins. Klingenberg is where an annual theatre festival takes place, a testament to the town's rich cultural heritage.

As you ride along Wörth am Main, you’ll see the Main riverbank with a landing for large cargo ships. On the opposite side of the river is the shipyard of Erlenbach and the vineyards of Klingenberg. On the right are the old town walls of Wörth.

Niedernberg to Miltenber in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Cycling along the Wörth am Main River.

Niedernberg to Miltenber in Germany on ROUVY

Above: The old sandstone bridge shortly before Miltenberg.

You’ll cycle through the Mainz Tower, the Spitzer Turm. This five-storey late medieval gate tower, built in the 14th century, is one of the landmarks of the town of Miltenberg. The Mainz Gate is located on the western edge of the old medieval village.

Niedernberg to Miltenber in Germany on ROUVY

Above: Cycle through the Mainz Gate is located on the western edge of the old city.

Miltenberg's destination boasts numerous half-timbered buildings, an excellent brewery, and the Riesen, one of Germany's oldest inns. The city has also gained recognition among mountain bikers for its outstanding trails, making it a hidden gem for offroad riding.

Cycling this new German route.

On ROUVY, there are so many places and opportunities to travel to, and Germany is only one of them to keep up the momentum on your summer vacation.

And if you’re keen to try out more of our new routes fresh out of the ROUVY oven, stay tuned and join us on our next stop - North America!


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