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2/6/2024 Lauren Wolff

A guide to key cycling metrics that can improve your riding

Learn about some essential metrics to help you understand why they are important in monitoring and measuring your progress when creating a training plan. I will discuss setting goals, FTP testing, power training zones, Normalised Power, Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Score (TSS). There is no need to feel daunted by these terms, data and numbers if you keep reminding yourself to stick to your plan and use the training metrics available on ROUVY to help you with your riding.

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11/27/2023 Leo Lendvorsky

Training for improving the magic VO2 max number

Everyone's buzzed about that magic number: VO2 max. Athletes globally flaunt and compare this metric. VO2 max reigns supreme in the endurance sports realm. But what's the 'perfect' VO2 max value for endurance pursuits? And, of course, how can you boost your VO2 max? Dive into today's article, and I'll shed some light on these questions.

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10/4/2023 Alex Filippov

Choosing the Perfect Indoor Trainer: A Comprehensive Guide

Indoor cycling emerges as a lifeline to maintain and elevate your fitness levels, especially when the weather gods conspire against outdoor rides. However, with a multitude of indoor trainers at your disposal, zeroing in on the ideal one can be a daunting task. This guide aims to help you discern your needs, objectives, and preferences, and provide insights into crafting the ultimate indoor training sanctuary.

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8/7/2023 Danny Holman

Choosing your dream bike

What's that special item you dream of buying? For many 'normal' people it's a car, or a house or maybe the holiday of a lifetime. Cyclists are a bit of a different breed. For many of them, they dream of owning a bike. But not just any bike, they dream of the perfect bike.

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7/24/2023 Alex Filippov

Bonking: what it is, how it feels, and tips to never experience it

It's time for us to talk about bonking in cycling. Not that kind of bonking (although that is also something we should write about), but the kind that no cyclist ever wants to experience. The dreaded energy crisis that sneaks up on you without warning. Like how Dementors drain life from their victims in Harry Potter books, bonking can turn even the most seasoned cyclist into a stumbling, mumbling ghost within minutes. Let's explore what bonking is exactly, dig into the physiological and psychological aspects of it, highlight famous examples of bonking among professional cyclists, and look at practical tips for avoiding this phenomenon.

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