3/11/2024 Lauren Wolff

Antonio Pompilio, AKA Mamiky—a conversation with an expert community content creator

Meet Antonio Pompilio as we take a closer look at his passions: video creation and his exciting and competitive virtual cycling events. His favourite motto, which he goes by, is: "Innovation, evolution and improvement can only be achieved if you dare to go further and, from possible mistakes, all you have to do is learn from them."

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6/27/2023 Danny Holman

ROUVY women and their worlds

We asked four fantastic femmes at the heart of the ROUVY community, each from different corners of the globe, some questions about what makes them tick and their thoughts on the current world of women's cycling. Here's the lowdown with some interesting insight.

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5/23/2023 Danny Holman


Summer is here (at least in the northern hemisphere) and you might be wondering about whether to extend your ROUVY subscription. But enjoying riding outdoors doesn't necessarily mean you can't have the best of both worlds and keep going indoors too. Riding outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean having no indoor app to enjoy so here are 10 reasons to consider using ROUVY throughout the year.

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2/23/2023 Danny Holman


Indoor cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the introduction of cycling platforms like ROUVY that can create a more immersive and authentic experience for cyclists. However, there is still a gender gap in cycling, and women are not as well-represented in the cycling community as they should be. To address this issue, ROUVY has launched a new long-term initiative called ROUVY for Women. Our mission is to encourage women to cycle indoors, build a stronger community and create positive change in actions and attitudes.

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12/21/2022 Danny Holman

2022 - What a year for ROUVY!

2022! What a year! Like most of the years this decade, a lot of bad stuff happened. But a lot of really good stuff happened too… like the breakthrough in creating clean fusion energy and the decline of the Covid pandemic (for now). So let's take a little time to celebrate the good stuff.

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12/6/2022 Jakub Cvanda

Challenge Peguera Mallorca: Even developers can do a triathlon!

Peguera, Mallorca - it's a warm Saturday morning in the middle of October and the Challenge Peguera Mallorca - middle distance triathlon - starts on the Torà beach. Almost 800 triathletes are set to complete the race including a 1.9 km swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, a 90 km technical bike route through amazing countryside scenery, and a 21,1 km run along the crowded boulevard of Peguera. This year is different, two athletes from Rouvy’s development team are taking part in this year’s challenge.

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11/22/2022 Danny Holman

Fenella Langridge and Frederic Funk share their TOP tips for racing like a pro

Fenella Langridg and Frederic Funk are two of the top names in Triathlon. We are psyched that they are taking part in the Triathlon Fall Fest and doubly-psyched that they found time to sit down with us and share some of their expert insight on the sport. Fenella joined us from rain-soaked England and Frederic from cold and unsunny Germany to chat and you can see Frederic in action at Triathlon Fall Fest at Wanaka on Thursday 24th and Fenella at Challenge Roth on Sunday 27th.

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10/25/2022 Thomas Smith

Cycling around a country: an epix 4-day, 1 400 km journey

ROUVY recently chatted with Petr Polasek, a python developer at ROUVY and keen cyclist. He completed the Okolo republiky race two months ago, an epic challenge in which one rides around the whole of the Czech Republic. Following this impressive feat, it was worth asking him several questions about his journey…

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