Lauren Wolff

7/11/2024 Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in Europe

ROUVY is unique for its seamless transition from outdoor to indoor cycling. It offers a wide range of virtual routes with video for a virtual vacation. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely ride through a picturesque village or a famous city or conquering a challenging climb, ROUVY allows you to choose your cycling adventure.

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6/6/2024 Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in North America

ROUVY stands out with its seamless transition from outdoor to indoor cycling. It offers various virtual routes for a virtual vacation. Each route is a unique adventure, making ROUVY a versatile tool for maintaining your cycling routine and achieving your fitness goals while you explore the world. It's not just a cycling platform; it's your personal cycling adventure guide whenever you like it. For this vacation, we are taking you to North America.

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5/26/2024 Lauren Wolff

Tour de Suisse - a brutal eight-day Pro WorldTour race and cycling festival

The Tour de Suisse 2024 is not just a race. It's a thrilling eight-day UCI World Tour event that will push even the most seasoned pro riders to their limits. With its more than 18,000 m brutal ascent, including four mountain summit stage finishes, packed into just eight stages from Sun, Jun 9, to Sun, Jun 16, this event is a must-see for all cycling enthusiasts. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch it on TV and ride segments on ROUVY on the same days the pros race!Switzerland will host this prestigious event for the pro riders, as a challenging bucket list event for recreational cyclists in a unique format, a fun ride for kids, and a full-on cycling festival. Tour de Suisse is typically a tour of classic climbs and testing terrain for the pro riders to tackle over difficult distances, and we will also sample just a taste of a few of the stages virtually on ROUVY.

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5/22/2024 Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in Germany

One of the most unique aspects of ROUVY is its ability to transition you from outdoor to indoor cycling seamlessly. With a wide variety of virtual routes, each one offering a unique adventure, ROUVY is a versatile tool for maintaining your cycling routine and achieving your fitness goals. Whether you're in the mood for a flat course, rolling hills, or a challenging climb, ROUVY has it all. You can even use ROUVY to prepare and train for a particular goal event or bucket list climb. It's more than just a cycling platform. It's your personal cycling adventure guide.

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5/6/2024 Lauren Wolff

Plan your Austrian summer cycling vacation

One of the best things about cycling is having the freedom to explore and visit new places while enjoying the physical challenges it presents. When riding outdoors is not always possible, you can do so indoors in the comfort of your home, safe from traffic and inclement weather.

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2/23/2024 Lauren Wolff


Get inspired and feel motivated for your next training sessions on ROUVY by discovering which routes have been super busy over the last three months. You will soon find out why! These curated routes are those that I have also bookmarked to return to ride repeatedly because of their natural beauty in fascinating landscapes or exciting destinations all over the world. I know that others seem to have the same idea!

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2/21/2024 Lauren Wolff


The exciting cycling Classics and monuments are Northern Europe's biggest and most famous one-day 'all-or-nothing' races, entertaining to watch but gruelling to ride if you're a pro. The pros overcome every obstacle they can that comes their way to keep going and stay motivated to reach their goals and the finish line, experiencing success and defeat on their journey to victory. This guide will explain what they are about and how you can enjoy them on ROUVY!

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