June 2024

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Discover the latest improvements to the ROUVY app and web to enhance your indoor cycling experience.

Pausing updates

Beginning June 1 we began offering all ROUVY subscribers the option to pause their account for up to 180 days, with the ability to un-pause at any time. During your pause, you can still ride 20 kilometres per month for free, or buy a Daily Pass to enjoy full access to all of ROUVY's features!

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Improved invoices overview

See all of your invoices with all necessary details in one place. You can export your invoices, check if you have any credits to use toward an upcoming payment, verify that everything is paid for, or make a payment.

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Daily Pass

Pausing your account is now the best way to stay flexible and cost-effective throughout the year and keep your Loyalty status. Ride 20km/month for free and also buy a Daily Pass if you ever want to jump on the trainer.

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Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Apple TV.


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Connect indoor smart bike, direct-drive or classic trainer.


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Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Then it´s just 14.99 USD/month or less.

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Check out some articles about the latest improvements


If you’re a regular ROUVY rider, you know improvement is a constant process around here. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer a quick look back at 10 of the most impactful upgrades to the app over the past year.

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How to use drafting on ROUVY

ROUVY has just updated and improved the drafting feature on the app. In keeping with ROUVY's mission to create the most realistic indoor cycling experiences available, it now delivers several enhanced features on your ride to give you the most authentic drafting effect of any indoor cycling app.

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When it comes to cycling training, FTP is a term you might have come across. It’s a great way to understand how powerful you are as a cyclist and can help you improve your training structure.

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