Follow this 4-week Training Plan to improve your skills.

Climber's plan

This plan is for those who want to improve their climbing skills. Four weeks of quality climbing training will take your performance to a new level.

Your starting point for indoor cycling training

Improve your climbing by building strength through torque on the pedals to help you keep a constant tempo on long and steep climbs.


In the first week, you will test your body. Three workouts are waiting for you. In the other weeks, the workouts will change, and some will be repeated with the addition of intervals. Remember, repeating workouts will push you to a better level.

WEEK # 2

The second week has new workouts for you! Specifically, this week, you'll be doing tempo endurance training, strength training, and some uphill attacking where you'll need to keep up the pace.


In the third week, we repeat the workouts but increase the number or length of the intervals. It may hurt, but no pain, no gain. These intervals will help you improve!


You may already feel significant fatigue, but that's right. These four weeks will move you forward. Your legs' strength will improve, and keeping up the pace on the hill will suddenly become more manageable. You have one last week left, after which the well-deserved reward will come. Don't get discouraged—finish it!

What to do after the training plan?

After four weeks of quality training like this, your body needs rest. After four weeks, treat yourself to one week of light training. Don't underestimate it; overtraining could happen. Riding in Z1 and Z2 with a slightly higher cadence will provide you with the recovery needed to make bigger and better gains in your performance.