Plan your summer cycling vacation in North America

6/6/2024 – Lauren Wolff

Plan your summer cycling vacation in North America

ROUVY stands out with its seamless transition from outdoor to indoor cycling. It offers various virtual routes for a virtual vacation. Each route is a unique adventure, making ROUVY a versatile tool for maintaining your cycling routine and achieving your fitness goals while you explore the world. It's not just a cycling platform; it's your personal cycling adventure guide whenever you like it. For this vacation, we are taking you to North America.

Whether you opt for a flat course, rolling, or roads that ascend to the sky, every pedal stroke allows you to push your limits, propel you to higher fitness levels, and explore exotic and uncharted territory simultaneously. It is the opportunity to fuel your sense of adventure and explore and check off places you may never have the chance to visit or explore a change of scenery from your usual local route. Alternatively, you can use ROUVY to prepare and train for a specific goal event or bucket list climb. The platform's advanced training features, such as ERG mode workouts, races and group rides, can help you improve your performance and make your vacation even more enjoyable. The sky is the limit with your training!

With ROUVY, you're not just a cyclist but an explorer! The app's extensive video route library is like a blank canvas, inviting you to paint your journey with vibrant colours of new experiences and discoveries. Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely ride through a picturesque village or a famous city or conquering a challenging climb up a mountain, ROUVY allows you to choose your cycling adventure. It's your journey, your way, and at your own pace.

Choosing a route on ROUVY invites you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. It's a thrilling journey searching for beautiful virtual destinations or challenging climbs to conquer across six continents. To plan your cycling vacation, select the route you're interested in, and ROUVY will provide detailed information about the distance, elevation, and how long it’s estimated to take (ETA). You can also use the platform to train for your vacation by riding it as a route or workout, giving you the confidence that you're fully prepared for your adventure.

If you want to explore the pleasures of travelling further afield on your trainer, keep reading, be inspired, and let’s head for North America!

​​Explore North America this summer

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Crater Lake National Park - Oregon

Crater Lake National Park is in southern Oregon and is renowned for its breathtaking deep blue lake, the deepest in the United States and ninth in the world. You can cycle right up to the rim on ROUVY! This natural wonder was formed thousands of years ago from the remnants of Mount Mazama, a volcano, and provides stunning views as you ascend this climb to the summit.

Crater Lake National Park-ROUVY

Above: Crater Lake National Park on ROUVY


Above: Ride in Crater Lake National Park

Grand Junction - Colorado

Explore the stunning red rock formations and vast landscapes of the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado. A scenic road winds through the rugged terrain, offering spectacular views of dramatic mesas, colourful canyons, and expansive vistas. Grand Junction is renowned for its vast open skies and stunning red rock landscapes. It is the perfect destination for experiencing the area's natural beauty close-up on your bike on ROUVY. You can journey westward on this course, covering 27 km and climbing 870 m while taking in the unique beauty of the high desert.

Grand Junction Colorado-ROUVY

Above: Ride from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Grand National Monument on ROUVY

Colorado National Monument Colorado

Above: Ride to the Grand National Monument in Colorado from Grand Junction on ROUVY

West Maui - Hawaii

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as you traverse the narrow, winding, twisty roads of the West Maui Nature Reserve. This unique reserve on the northern coast of one of Hawaii's magnificent tropical islands offers a rolling course through exotic and tropical landscapes. The deep blue sea will constantly be on your right as you ride while lush, verdant rainforests and dense vegetation surround you. This route is not just a journey but an experience that immerses you in Hawaii's natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural heritage.

West Maui Hawaii on ROUVY

Above: Ride along the coast in West Maui in Hawaii on ROUVY

West Maui Hawaii ROUVY

Above: West Maui in Hawaii on ROUVY

Prince Rupert - Canada

The scenic ride along the Yellowhead Highway from Gamble Creek Ecological Reserve to just outside Prince Rupert offers some of the most stunning scenery in British Columbia. Following the Skeena River, the route leads you on a 36-km journey through dense temperate rainforests, steep, forested slopes, and towering coastal mountains.

Prince Rupert Canada on ROUVY

Above: Ride to Prince Rupert in Canada

Prince Rupert BC Canada on ROUVY

Above: Ride Yellowhead Highway to Prince Rupert.

Skeena River - Canada

Cycling along the serene and scenic Route 16 along the Skeena River in British Columbia offers a breathtaking journey through majestic mountains, verdant forests, and tranquil waterways. The route showcases the river, flanked by rugged terrain and scenic vistas, the habitat of bears, eagles, and deer. The remote wilderness and diverse ecosystems create a peaceful and breathtaking experience, making it a must-visit on ROUVY.

Skeena River on ROUVY

Above: Cycle in the magnificent landscape along the Skeena River in Canada on ROUVY

Skeena River BC Canada on ROUVY

Above: Cycle along the scenic Skeena River in British Columbia

On ROUVY, there are so many places to travel to. North America is only one great location that motivates you to keep up the momentum on your summer vacation adventure. Explore our vast video library with over a thousand ROUVY routes to suit your travel tastes and training program. Next stop, Europe!


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