Work on your FTP and improve the quality of your training with ROUVY!

Build your FTP

Stay motivated and get fitter to meet any challenge.

Your starting point for indoor cycling training

With this plan you'll learn the basics to becoming a better cyclist. Practice short sprints, high intensity rides and pyramid workouts.

WEEK 1: Your journey begins now

Your journey to better FTP starts now. In the first week you will complete three workouts to activate your muscles.

WEEK 2: Let's speed it up a little

This week we'll test your pacing endurance and also your threshold. Keep going!

WEEK 3: Keep on rolling!

You're past the halfway point. Week three is waiting for you. Come on, let's go.

WEEK 4: Last one!

In the last week we will focus on your tune-up. The last week ahead of you.