March 2024

What's new

Discover the latest improvements to the ROUVY app and web to enhance your indoor cycling experience.

More realistic drafting

The drafting feature has been improved to be more true-to-life, especially by providing more drafting behind a group of multiple riders.

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The Ramp Test

We're introducing one of the most convenient and accurate ways of determining your FTP to help you track your fitness levels.

Weekly goals reward

We've tweaked the conditions for Weekly Goals to provide better and more reachable incentives plus 500 XP for completing all Goals.

TT assets

New ROUVY TT bike, helmet and wheels for boosting your time trial skills are waiting in avatar customization for free!

TT Specialist - training plan

Improve your TT skills and rocket speeds while hammering it home in your Tempo and Sweet Spot zones, riding steadily, and pushing your aerobic threshold power to the max.

Trek Domane 

New 'all-road' endurance bike now available. Ride for free during the Spring into Action Spotlight (then available for Coins afterwards) or get it as a reward for completing the Ardu Challenge.

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