April 2024

What's new

Discover the latest improvements to the ROUVY app and web to enhance your indoor cycling experience.

Workout improvements

Check out the revamped workout section that will help make it easier to find everything for your current and future workouts. We've added filters to easily search your workout and sorting in Workouts Collections.

Loyalty Programme

Introducing the Loyalty Programme to reward our users. Claim a discount on any yearly plan and use the option to pause during your off-season. The longer you are with us, the bigger the benefits. And that is not all - during the pause, you can still ride 20 km per month on ROUVY for free. So hurry up and check your loyalty status!

Check your status

New challenge section

Find all your challenges & progress in one convenient place. You can see ongoing challenges you've joined, all finished challenges and available challenges to register for.

One menu in app

We have merged the menu under User Profile to have all your Settings in one place.

Coins for workouts

A new way to earn Coins - finish a workout and spend your hard-earned Coins for customizating your avatar.

Cadence workouts

Explore new collection "Cadence" - some workouts now have cadence intervals to guide you for optimum RPM and workout execution.

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