Nice and easy rides

Effort level: 2 - 2.5 W/kg

Weekly scheduled easy rides to get started with indoor cycling training.

Easy pace rides to build up your fitness routine

Building positive habits is all about consistency, one ride at a time. Check off workouts once done with our nice and easy scheduled group rides. Choose your ride for the day and enjoy.


Gelato Ride is an easy ride where the delicious goal is to get to the closest café and have an ice cream. Join others on this group ride and spin your legs at an easy pace!

Effort level: 2.5 W/kg


Short 3-10 laps Crit race on Monday to prepare for the week ahead. All riders are grouped in the main peloton; you can join on the next lap if you drop off.

Effort level: show us your best


Ride a flat route together with other riders in the bunch. You'll stay low and avoid any mountains so the pace will be smooth and enjoyable for everyone. The leader will help you stay in the bunch so you don't have to worry about anything.

Effort level: 2 W/kg


Crit race is a short and fast race between 3 and 10 laps to get your blood pumping. Each lap is on a flat 1.5-3 km distance.

Effort level: give it your best shot


It's Friday and that means only one thing - it's time to go out with others! This weekend kick-off will be fun and you'll meet new people. It might leave you a little tired but we're sure you can still have a beer or two after. And if you're not in the mood or afraid you won't fit into the group - don't worry, the leader will help you follow the bunch so no one stays left out.

Effort level: 2 W/kg


Get ready for instant action. Crit race is a short and fast race consisting of flat 3-10 laps, between 1.5 and 3 km long.

Effort level: no one can give more than 100%, right?


For those who like a lazy Saturday, we have the perfect ride for you. This easy route might offer some short hills and bumps, but nothing too demanding. The leader will help you on the way and won't leave anyone behind.

Effort level: 2.5 W/kg


Join a steady-paced 1.5 W/kg group ride. The leader will drag you up some spectacular hills on a pleasant ride in the mountains.

Effort level: 1.5 W/kg

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