ROUVY Reimagines Look and Brand to Better Reflect its Immersive Experience for Indoor Cyclists

ROUVY adopts new tagline of ‘Keep Going’. Brand promises to continue catering for those who desire to be better, ride with joy and long for exploration.

27 June 2023 - Prague, Czech: ROUVY, the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world, has unveiled a new visual identity and redefined its messaging to better reflect the personal interaction and experience the brand provides for its growing international community. ROUVY has also identified the updated branding as an opportunity to match the technical progression of the indoor cycling space and demands from riders of all levels.

This new messaging reaffirms ROUVY’s commitment to providing meaningful, rewarding and motivating rides to help cyclists become fitter as they explore the world from their home. ROUVY is positioning itself as the platform for those yearning for virtual tourism and an engaging, realistic experience over the heavily gamified alternatives.

ROUVY aims to personify the new mantra ‘Keep Going’ across all of its operations, endeavouring to tirelessly pursue, develop and utilise the latest technologies whilst exploring new ways to help keep riders active and healthy. This new message is also a call to all riders, to encourage them to dig deeper, ride further and maintain the motivation to reach their goals.

As part of the new look and feel, the ROUVY logo has also seen an update, with the long-standing ‘aero tail’ insignia being refined to a sleek, modernised design, and the addition of a central aspect representing the kinetic motion of the pedals. This is accompanied by bold new tyre tread-inspired pattern elements, with a new colour palette led by vibrant purple tones.

For further information on the new branding and messaging, visit rouvy.com/brand


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ROUVY is the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world. Combining sport and technology, ROUVY is the #1 platform for a realistic and immersive video experience with over 1300 routes around the world to choose from. It enables cyclists to train, have fun and explore the world from the comfort of their own home.

ROUVY offers a wide variety of real routes, terrains and gradients filmed on high-quality video. There are challenges, special events, group rides, customized avatars and training plans to suit all levels and keep riders motivated to get fitter.

With its focus on realism, ROUVY is a partner of cycling organizations like La Vuelta, PTO, Challenge Family and Strava.