Coach Colin Laughery | The Collective

Coach Colin Laughery | The Collective

Coach Colin Laughery is the head coach for the ambassador racing team, Castelli Colletivo. Born and raised in triathlon mecca, Boulder, Colorado, Colin has been involved with endurance sports since a very young age. He also has a passion for coaching and mentoring other athletes and has been doing both since he started his professional career. As a full-time athlete, coach, and father, Colin understands that maintaining a sense of balance is paramount for longevity.

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"I find more joy and satisfaction in helping others achieve goals than I ever thought possible. Coaching athletes has become one of the most rewarding paths I have ever taken."

Colin was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. After moving away multiple times when he was younger, he moved back to Boulder and has since started raising a family there with two children and three dogs.

After his swimming career ended in early 2003, he was pushed into the sport of triathlon because that's what you are supposed to do when you grow up in Boulder! After racing recreationally for 10 years, he started to professional race in 2015. To this day, you can spot him as one of the only guys on that start line in a speedo. In addition to racing professional triathlon, he’s also become a professional at driving the dad taxi and is still avidly working on his pro license in dad jokes.

Over the past few years, his passion for coaching and mentoring athletes of all ability levels has grown considerably. His background in professional racing while having children and a full-time job has given him unique perspective on how to create a sense of balance in a sport where we often see so many people overwhelmed.

He shares that knowledge with all his coached athletes, helping them to create healthy and sustainable rhythms that support their pursuit and achievement of their goals time and time again.