Make a difference by helping to donate a bicycle

Globalbike harnesses the bicycle's power as a tool for social impact, economic development, and women's empowerment in sub-Saharan Africa. Emboldened by cycling communities and global women's movements, we equip and train women in rural Tanzania to run self-sustaining bike businesses that meet the transportation needs of their communities and propel women into sustainable careers.

Faites partie de la communauté - roulez avec d'autres athlètes enthousiastes !

Ne manquez aucun événement, restez motivé, prenez plaisir à interagir avec les autres.

globalbike offers opportunities to ride in Tanzania and virtually from anywhere in the world.

These experiences include cycling while learning about Tanzania and globalbike's impact there. Learn more about our in person trips in Tanzania with Origin Trails and with WomanTours, or explore globalbike's annual Virtual Challenge event, Race to Kilimanjaro, which allows cyclists to ride with globalbike from anywhere in the world.

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