Brazilian Virtual Cycling

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Esports competitions are gaining more and more fans throughout the world, taking an outdoor sport and recreating it 100% in an indoor format. Cycling, today, is one of the frontrunner sports in this combination of the real and virtual world where the advancement of technology, equipment and interactive software allows real routes to be recreated in virtual environments, offering the entire competitive experience to athletes and the spectator audience.

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BVC was born in 2020 from a start-up formed by specialists in the technical, marketing, logistics and live streaming areas with the aim of offering athletes the option to remain competitive and sponsors to strengthen their brands in a new completely digital world.

A unique and innovative project in the Brazilian sports scene

That mixes competition, entertainment and tourism through virtualized cycling with the premise of VIRTUAL COMPETITIONS in REAL ROUTES, the BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING held its series of events called GPBRASIL of VIRTUAL CYCLING.

Brazilian Virtual Cycling is currently recognized as an electronic sport by the World Electronic Sports Consortium-WESCO, the Brazilian Electronic Sports Confederation-CBDEL and the Brazilian University Sports Confederation-CBDU , bringing the recognition titles such as BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIP to its series of events.