Real Racing. Real Results.

RemoteRacing™ is real racing with real results. It normalizes different remote climates and courses to create a fair and level playing field. Final results are “localized” to onsite race courses from around the world and the finish times are what would have been achieved had all remote participants competed on the same course, in the same climate, on the same day.

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All RemoteRacing bike courses can be ridden on ROUVY during training and for the races themselves. From National Championship courses to iconic locations like the Las Vegas strip, Malibu coast and Moab, you can ride on the real course right from your home.

RemoteRacing is powered by RaceX, a performance science division of Predictive Fitness and the Official Predictive Analytics Technology of USA Triathlon.

Remote National Championships

RemoteRacing creates a fair and level playing field for remote athletes with its pioneering technology that verifies and normalizes results for athletes competing in different climates and on different courses. The 2021 USA Triathlon Remote National Championships on November 11-21, 2021 will feature both Sprint and Olympic distances.

Race remotely from all around the world

About RemoteRacing

About RemoteRacing

Learn more about this innovative method of racing.

RemoteRacing vs Virtual

RemoteRacing vs Virtual

RemoteRacing solves the 3 major flaws of virtual racing.

Fair, Practical, Comparable

Fair, Practical, Comparable

RemoteRacing makes fairness paramount while also keeping races practical and comparable to onsite events.

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