Coach Emily White | The Collective

Coach Emily White | The Collective

Coach Emily White is the head coach for ENVE Racing, an ambassador racing team representing major cycling brand ENVE Composites. Emily exemplifies the life-long athletic pursuit. She obtained her first USA Cycling license in 2008 and has been racing as a top-level amateur cyclist, and triathlete, since. Emily got her start coaching horseback riding 20 years ago, and now coaches cyclists and triathletes of all ability levels.

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Coach Emily White | The Collective

“My 2+ decades of experience in cycling, and comparatively later start in triathlon, make me uniquely equipped as an effective coach to new and accomplished athletes alike.”

Emily grew up in South Florida, began riding horses at 8 years old, and competed at the national level until college when she became a professional and began her coaching journey. During this time, her stepfather introduced her to cycling. After a few rides she fell in love with the sport, and she quickly found group rides, then racing, the even began working at her local bike shop.

Emily hired her first cycling coach because she knew the importance of following a structured plan to achieve her goals, as it was the recipe for her success in equestrian and the cornerstone of her own coaching philosophy. She then spent over 15 years exploring and racing many cycling disciplines, eventually branching into triathlon in 2018 where she quickly became an elite-level age grouper.

Her journey into triathlon as an adult hasn’t been easy, though. Growing up, she would do anything to get out of P.E. -- she even thought that walking the mile each year was an extremely hard task to accomplish! Learning to run and swim competitively as an adult in her mid-30s was a tough experience that forced her to dig in, research proper form, understand the importance of mobility, and learn foundational strength work to grow and prevent injury.

Emily’s later start in triathlon gives her a unique and relatable perspective when coaching adults who may not have a strong background in all disciplines. It helps Emily to lead athletes to those “AHA” moments without failure and frustration.

Coaching across multiple sports and leveraging her professional work experience in leading high-performing teams has taught Emily how to tailor her coaching approach to everyone’s unique learning style to empower their success. She enjoys working with “type A” personalities that are highly driven in their daily life and want to tackle their training and race goals with that same attitude.

Emily excels at helping driven athletes find sustainable rhythms of striving for success in sports while simultaneously fitting the requirements of it into demanding work and family schedules.