Push Harder

Learn to train like a pro and give it all you have. Are you ready?

Pace yourself for the next six weeks. It's going to be a challenge.

WEEK 1 - time to ace the basics

Session #1 - Easy Start-up

Welcome to your PUSH HARDER training program! Let's start with an easy ride and, at the same time, work on your fundamentals - endurance.

Improve your fat-burning by riding at an endurance pace - ride longer with less effort! Get started right now.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Review Your FTP

With this session, you will review your current FTP. Give it all you have and check your progress.

All ROUVY Workouts are based on your FTP, and your program will be more personalized.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Fun With Fundamentals

Let's finish the first week by working on your fundaments again. The ride should feel easy, so enjoy and have FUN by discovering a new route on ROUVY.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 2 - let's speed things up

Session #1 - Beat Your Max Power

Today you will beat your power record! With these short sprints, you will feel like a pro sprinter winning a stage at La Vuelta.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Ramp Up Intensity

Time for the first structured interval session of the PUSH HARDER program.

This workout will prepare your body for the upcoming high-intensity intervals. Make sure you are ready.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - The High-cadence Hunter

Let's finish the second week on a high - here come high cadence intervals!

Pushing hard at a high cadence will make your riding more efficient. In this session, you will do four ramps at a high cadence.

Hold each cadence drill for one minute and go to the next ramping block. Start at 105 RPM, ramp up over 110, and 115 to 120 RPM.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 3 - this is where you push hard

Session #1 - Learn To Ride With Less Oxygen

Here we go with a pro-rider session.

By doing this session, you will improve your riding time at high intensity, and you will improve your VO2 max capacity.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Maximise Your Fat Burning

Time for some serious FAT BURNING!

Your fat burning will be at the maximum in this session. Burning fat is good for getting you in shape and improving your endurance.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Forty On, Twenty Off

You're almost halfway through the PUSH HARDER program.

Another great session that is famous in the pro peloton to improve your VO2 max.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 4 - show us what you're made of

Session #1 - On And Off

Great things never come easy. To truly improve, you must focus on it and push harder.

We keep our focus on VO2 max efforts and make it just that little bit harder to challenge your body in every session.

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Never Give Up

These demanding sprints will prepare you for any attack in a race or on a ride with your friends. Go all in on every single sprint, and don't save any energy. For those who never retreat achieve glory!

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Train Slow, Race Fast

Work on your endurance with this long training session. Ride at a low intensity while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the route.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 5 - the new you in the making

Session #1 - King or Queen Of Strava

Start the fifth week of the PUSH HARDER program and become the King or Queen of your favorite Strava Segments.

Your Segment ride will show two avatars - your best result on the segment (the “PR”).

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Escape velocity

Enable your body to ride fast in more extended endurance events by riding easy on this endurance ride. You will practice breaking away and maintaining your gap.

Don't forget to check out the beautiful scenery on this route!

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Session #3 - 100 Minute Ride

Time for your longest ride so far.

Stick to the prescribed endurance zone and drink plenty of water during your ride to stay hydrated!

Take a deep breath and get going.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

WEEK 6 - the glorious finish line

Session #1 - Iron Forge

Let's start the final week with another hard session.

Get fully out of your comfort zone and push yourself. If you successfully completed this training you are ready for any challenge!

Recommended timing: TUESDAY

Session #2 - Pre-racer

You have done all the hard work in the PUSH HARDER program. You are almost ready.

This session will prepare your body for the ROUVY race / race simulation.

Recommended timing: THURSDAY

Session #3 - Simulate Your Rouvy Race

Congratulations, you completed the PUSH HARDER program!

You trained hard and let's finish the program with a race. You can do this race simulation or find a different one on ROUVY that suits you better.

Recommended timing: SATURDAY

Celebrate with Easy Group Ride

You decide if you want to join an easy pace group ride to celebrate the completion of Level Up training plan. The whole ROUVY team is so proud of you.

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