Video tutorials

We’ve created a series of video tutorials to help you get started with the ROUVY indoor cycling app and make the most of your subscription.


The video tutorials on this page make it easy to get started riding on ROUVY! You’ll learn how to set up (and manage) your account, connect your trainer, sync your ROUVY and Strava accounts, start your first ride, redeem a promo code, change the language on the app, troubleshoot a connection issue, and more.

Getting started

Here, you’ll find important information about registration, account setup, connecting your trainer, doing individual Workouts, Spotlights and Challenges, and how to personalize your ROUVY experience.

How to Connect the Trainer

This video shows you in simple steps how to mount your bike for your indoor cycling session and connect it correctly to your ROUVY app.

How To Find Your Perfect Cycling Session

This video explains all your options for finding routes on the app as well as the different ways you can ride a route, race or group ride.

How to Do a Workout

This video shows you everything about workouts - how to prepare, what the data on your screen means and how to use workouts correctly.

How to create your own workouts

This video shows you how to take your indoor cycling training to the next level by creating your own customized workouts.

How to ride Spotlights and Challenges

This video explains everything you need to know about Spotlights and Challenges and how they can make your ROUVY experience more fun and rewarding.

How to Personalize Your Experience

This video explains what Coins and Experience Points are and how to use them. It also shows how to use Avatar Customization to change the look.

How to Ride with Ghost Riders and Virtual Partners

This video explains what ghost riders and virtual partners are, and how they can enhance your rides.

How To Use Drafting on ROUVY

This video looks at the drafting feature on the ROUVY app and explains what drafting is and how it can help your cycling performance.


Find important information on how to use a promotional code, how ROUVY’S Loyalty Programme works, how to manage your subscription plan, and choosing a payment method.

How to Manage Subscription Plan and Payment Method

This video shows you how to manage your subscription with the different options on offer and change your payment method.

How to Pause Your Subscription

This video explains how to pause your subscription as part of the Loyalty Programme, to enjoy indoor and outdoor riding all year.

How to Use Promo Codes and Gift Cards

This video explains what promo codes and gift cards are, and how to use them on your account.

How does the Loyalty Programme work?

This video explains the Loyalty Programme and how it can provide a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way to use your ROUVY account.


Find out how to edit your account and profile information, change your language or password, troubleshoot connection issues, how to sync your ROUVY and Strava accounts and more.

How to Manage Profile Settings

This video shows you how to manage your profile settings so you can enjoy the optimal rides on ROUVY.

How to Change Languages in ROUVY

This video shows you how to change languages in the app and website if you'd prefer something other than English.

Top 10 Connection Issues

This video looks at some of the common internet connection issues facing riders and offers some trouble-shooting solutions to solve them.


Learn more about using and connecting the Strava app to the ROUVY app.

How to sync ROUVY and STRAVA

How to easily sync ROUVY with Strava and get the best of indoor and outdoor cycling.

How to ride on Strava Live Segments on ROUVY

This video explains what Strava Live Segments on ROUVY are and how they work.


Discover how beautiful indoor riding can be by creating your account today.

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