For decades Saris has been making world-class bike racks and trainers for aspirational riders and professional athletes. At Saris we don’t just imagine a more bike-able world, we’re all in making it happen. We push the limits of what’s possible to provide solutions and improve the experience for all types of cyclists. Join us, let’s ride together!

Staňte se součástí komunity - jezděte s dalšími nadšenými sportovci!

Nenech si ujít žádnou událost, zůstaň motivován/a a užívej si interakce s ostatními.

We break down the barriers so that everyone can fall in love with the bike.

This is the place; everyone is welcome here.

Training for fitness goals? Professional rider? Amateur bike enthusiast? You came to the right place. Inclusivity is at the core of everything we do. Our ambassadors are from across the globe with a wide array of skill levels and specialities. Be rest assured, we partner with ambassadors who share our values and who are passionate about making biking a more inclusive environment.

Ride with Saris global ambassadors

Our ambassadors are cycling online and in the real world. Joining the Saris Cycling Crew gives you the opportunity to ride with them virtually, while learning about ways you can meet up for a ride in the real world. We want you to ride with us.


SARIS ROUVY SAUERLAND has high ambitions. The team wants to become a Pro Tour Team! This is the first and only team that structurally includes virtual qualification for 2 slots in their roster. Every cyclist at the age of 18-23 gets a chance to be a part of the pro circuit!