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2/21/2024 Lauren Wolff


The exciting cycling Classics and monuments are Northern Europe's biggest and most famous one-day 'all-or-nothing' races, entertaining to watch but gruelling to ride if you're a pro. The pros overcome every obstacle they can that comes their way to keep going and stay motivated to reach their goals and the finish line, experiencing success and defeat on their journey to victory. This guide will explain what they are about and how you can enjoy them on ROUVY!

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1/2/2023 Lauren Wolff

Alpe D´huez - The most popular and iconic cycling climb on earth

Alpe d'Huez is undeniably the world's most famous climb. With over 30 appearances in the Tour since 1952 and a regular stage mountain top finish since 1976, it is one that you have to do and get a taste of the suffering, pain and glory! While it is not the most challenging climb in the Tour, Alpe d'Huez is usually the grand finale to a long and gruelling Alpine stage, often including Col du Madeleine, La Croix de Fer and Glandon. Also, the experience of the journey of carving one's way up the mountain and not just the final destination to the top makes it unique: The countdown of the 21 hairpins, which, during the Tour, is lined with over a million spectators, makes this event magical, and the atmosphere pulsating.

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12/21/2022 Jakub Cvanda

TOP 10 routes on ROUVY in 2022

The year has come to end and so here's our annual ranking of the most ridden ROUVY routes. Some of them were part of popular challenges while others are among the best routes that we have. Have you discovered them all? With a couple more days to go in 2022, there is still a chance to complete the list before the end of the year.

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11/25/2022 Lauren Wolff

Discover and explore route gems in exotic Asia

We will be exploring the area around the unique Kochi Niyodo River. This snake-like river crosses many arched bridges in Japan, and lush natural vistas surround it with the pristine waters of the Shimanto River and forest-blanketed mountains. Another stop-off will be the beautiful and exotic Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, one of the world's seven wonders of nature. We will also extend our trip with routes in Malaysia and Taiwan. So, get your bike, trainer and bags ready and let's go!

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