Jakub Cvanda

12/19/2023 Jakub Cvanda

5 ESSENTIAL hacks for your new indoor cycling trainer

What a great feeling, right? You've just opened a big box and found a brand-new turbo trainer in there. You want to try it right away and immediately connect it to your bike, but hold on. First things first. Here's our quick checklist for setting it up correctly!

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1/3/2023 Jakub Cvanda

Indoor cycling nutrition: 7 steps you need to follow

Training nutrition, in general, is incredibly complex, complicated and very personal. What works for one person may not work for another. It is impossible to generalise what indoor training nutrition should look like, however there are a few key points that you need to know in order to understand and plan your nutrition and hydration intake.

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12/21/2022 Jakub Cvanda

TOP 10 routes on ROUVY in 2022

The year has come to end and so here's our annual ranking of the most ridden ROUVY routes. Some of them were part of popular challenges while others are among the best routes that we have. Have you discovered them all? With a couple more days to go in 2022, there is still a chance to complete the list before the end of the year.

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12/6/2022 Jakub Cvanda

Challenge Peguera Mallorca: Even developers can do a triathlon!

Peguera, Mallorca - it's a warm Saturday morning in the middle of October and the Challenge Peguera Mallorca - middle distance triathlon - starts on the Torà beach. Almost 800 triathletes are set to complete the race including a 1.9 km swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, a 90 km technical bike route through amazing countryside scenery, and a 21,1 km run along the crowded boulevard of Peguera. This year is different, two athletes from Rouvy’s development team are taking part in this year’s challenge.

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11/16/2022 Jakub Cvanda

Off-season training for triathletes

The off-season is a wonderful opportunity to restore your body batteries and recover to make your next season stronger. How you execute the off-season triathlon training is also one of the best predictors of performance improvement. We believe that champions are made in the off-season and here is the guide to the best practices.

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10/19/2022 Jakub Cvanda

7 tips for setting up your pefect indoor ride

Your bike is ready, your trainer is ready. Now it's time to make it as enjoyable as possible. Getting a proper set-up is easy, all it takes is a few thoughtful choices and you’ll be able to spin through the winter or a rainy season with extra joy and some improved performance for your upcoming outdoor adventures.

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