Get the most out of your ROUVY rides with Strava Live Segments

3/15/2024 – Mark Nessmith

Get the most out of your ROUVY rides with Strava Live Segments

ROUVY and Strava, the leading social platform for athletes, have joined forces to bring Live Segments to indoor cycling. Turn up the power to beat your own personal record (PR), or maybe even earn the title of King or Queen of the Mountain!

Strava Live Segments have become one of the most popular features for ROUVY riders, allowing them to track their progress over time, and face off against friends, family and even world tour pros.

Available to ROUVY riders who are Strava subscribers, the segments let you explore the most popular stretches of a route, like your favourite climb or scenic flats, and test your fitness or compete for a spot on the Strava leaderboard. Turn up the power to beat your own personal record (PR) – or maybe even snatch the title of King or Queen Of The Mountain!

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Why ride Strava Live Segments on ROUVY?

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons why indoor cyclists should embrace Strava Live Segments on ROUVY:

1. Motivation boost: Strava Live Segments inject excitement into every ride by allowing you to compete against yourself and others. You can monitor – and beat – your personal bests, with notifications if you’ve reached your fastest, second-fastest or third-fastest time on a segment. You can also look back at your previous efforts on a specific segment and compare, in detail, your outcome on each occasion. This feedback can keep you motivated to push harder to achieve your cycling and fitness goals.

2. Performance tracking: Strava Live Segments allow you to monitor your progress, help you to identify areas for improvement and track your goals effectively.


3. Competitive spirit: For cyclists who thrive on competition, Strava Live Segments offer the thrill of chasing leaderboard positions and challenging fellow riders. They also add an element of camaraderie and fun to your ROUVY rides.

4. Route exploration: Strava Live Segments are a great way to discover unfamiliar routes on ROUVY. They encourage you to explore unfamiliar terrain and find hidden gems, adding variety and excitement to your indoor rides.

5. Data insights: The detailed performance analytics provided by Strava Live Segments can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can see detailed results across different stages during your entire ride. Speed, wattage, cadence, elevation and gradients are all displayed to help you understand your ride progress in greater detail, facilitating smarter training decisions and overall improvement.

How do I start riding Strava Live Segments on ROUVY?

In order to see Strava Live Segments, you’ll need to first connect your Strava account to ROUVY and grant Strava Live Segments permission. If you don’t yet have a Strava account, ROUVY subscribers can automatically get 60 days of Strava membership for free (this offer is only valid for riders who are not currently Strava members.)

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You can ride Strava Live Segments in both "Just Ride" and "Time Trial" modes. Races and group rides don't have this feature implemented.

What’s it like riding a Strava Live Segment on ROUVY?

As you approach a Strava Live Segment on a ROUVY route, a notification will appear on screen providing you with some segment stats, including elevation and distance. As you begin the segment, you’ll see your segment time and the distance remaining until the segment is completed. You’ll also see avatars for the current KOM or QOM (King or Queen of the Mountain), as well as an avatar representing your PR on the segment if you’ve ridden it before. Upon completing the segment, your stats will be displayed on the screen.

Each Strava Live Segment has a leaderboard with its best performers, featuring respective record holders, and KOM and QOM. You can even filter and compare your results with people from your own gender, weight and age.


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How do I find ROUVY routes with Strava Live Segments

In the ROUVY app, click the “Search” icon, which allows you to search for routes, filtering by time, distance, terrain and more. Click on “Filters” and then, under the “Tags” category, select “Strava Live Segments” and then click “Show Results.” Of course you can use the filter to employ additional search criteria to find the exact type of route you’re interested in riding.


How to ride on Strava Live Segments on ROUVY

This video explains what Strava Live Segments on ROUVY are and how they work.


Ever wanted to know how you performed on a specific part of a route that has both flat and elevated surfaces? Perhaps you’d like to see how you cycled on a particularly steep part of a ride, or a section with sharp turns.

The power of Strava Live Segments is that they give you a detailed analysis of your performance on each segment. You’ll gain a better understanding of your rides and push yourself to be the best performer on any segment of a route. With enough hard work, you may just get to wear the crown as king or queen of the mountain!

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