Making the Switch to ROUVY from Zwift

Whether you're a seasoned Zwift user or a newbie looking to spice up your indoor riding, ROUVY offers a fantastic alternative for a truly engaging and immersive indoor cycling experience.


Ride the World's Most Scenic Routes at Home

Experience the thrill of cycling on actual routes from around the world. Pedal through stunning landscapes or iconic routes of La Vuelta, Tour de France, and Giro.

Accurate Resistance Simulation

Goodbye unrealistic gradients! ROUVY´s advanced resistance simulation ensures that each icline and descent closely mirrors the real-world conditions, giving you a challenging and authentic ride.

Conquer real-world climbs

By accurately mirroring the challenges of outdoor terrain, climbs on ROUVY will make your cycling sessions incredibly engaging and rewarding.

Seamless Integration

Connect seamlessly with your favorite smart trainers, fitness apps, power meters, and heart rate monitors. ROUVY supports a wide variety of devices, ensuring that your setup is compatible and ready to go.


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