The German Cycling Classic ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT Goes Virtual with ROUVY

Frankfurt, Germany / April 24, 2020 - Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Radsports, the race event organizer behind ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT and DEUTSCHLAND TOUR, teams up with ROUVY to make a unique cycling experience of the German Classic accessible to all pro riders and cycling enthusiasts around the world.

ROUVY and GFR announce a virtual version of ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT to take place on May 1, 2020. Thanks to the 1:1 simulations by ROUVY, the professionals and amateurs alike can now ride on a shorter 40km-loop of ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT.

Nathanael Bank, Project Manager of ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT, sees the collaboration between GFR and ROUVY as a great moment “For the first time, the German Classic on May 1 starts only as a virtual event. Instead of riding on the streets between Eschborn and Frankfurt, we expect many pros and amateur riders to participate digitally in our race.” Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY “We are happy to provide a digital platform for the German Classics. Our vision of complimenting outdoor races with a digital version now becomes a reality. And it is so exciting for the global community of ROUVY riders.”

During May 2020, ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT will host a series of events on ROUVY

● Virtual Race on May 1

● Challenge from May 2 on

● Group Ride(s)

While it is interesting for professional athletes to have the ability to complete individual and precise training for the race, indoor training also provides amateur athletes the opportunity to ride in groups - both in-place and online - or compare themselves to pro riders. The ROUVY App is a great way to meet up online for real-time Group Rides. In the actual video footage of the courses, the participants see a 3D representation of themselves and all other participants. This community aspect promotes motivation to meet and train or race together online.


The WorldTour race of the German Classic runs over 187.5 kilometers between Eschborn and Frankfurt. The climbs to the Feldberg and the Billtalhöhe as well as four times the steep Mammolshainer Stich and two times the Ruppertshainer sum up to an altitude of 3,200m. Having passed these Taunus icons, the riders reach the finish line right in the city of Frankfurt.


The road course on ROUVY is to be a shorter version of 40,5km with 307m of altitude. The route will have a 1:1 branding of start and finish gates, as well as other real-life objects. So, the riders of the German Classic will enjoy the atmosphere of realistic presence as at the actual event. The course is released and available for riding.

Registration for the race is open: https://my.rouvy.com/onlinerace/live/23279


Eschborn-Frankfurt is the most traditional cycling race in Germany. The German Classic on May 1 has been deeply rooted in the Frankfurt region since 1962. For the international top riders, this

day marks the end of the spring classics in the WorldTour calendar. The pros fight for glory on a pure classic course with iconic climbs and more than 3,200 vertical meters. Hundreds of thousands celebrate a cycling festival on and along the route. In addition to the pro riders, there is a broad program for everyone, including an amateur edition on three courses, races for cyclists in all junior categories and rides even for the youngest kids. 18 competitions in one day for more than 7,000 cyclists makes the German Classic truly unique in the world.