Taiwanese “Come! Bike Day” Goes Virtual with ROUVY - Event Routes and The Challenge Published For Riders To Win Big

Taipei, Taiwan / February 1, 2021 - “Come! Bike Day” annual event has united with ROUVY to release 4 routes for immersive, augmented virtual cycling experience. To celebrate the occasion, the 1-month Challenge is announced for the cyclists worldwide to try out the Taiwanese heartland courses with the opportunity to win an all-inclusive trip to Taiwan, free entries to events and branded jerseys.

‘Come! Bike Day’ is an annual two-day, multi-discipline cycling event traditionally held in November. It is one of the six nation-wide in events that make up the annual Taiwan Cycling Festival. While the 2020 edition had over 2,000 locals riding, no international riders could participate because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Therefore we are delighted to team up with ROUVY and offer the opportunity to virtually ride the road cycling sections of ‘Come! Bike Day’ and also to climb two of the most iconic hills in Taiwan: Route 14 from the central island town of Puli, and also Tatajia, one of the highest passable roads in the country,” says Ria Ho, CEO of the Taiwan Cyclist Federation.

The other two routes on offer feature rolling hills and tough little bergs that make up the road that encircles Taiwan’s famous Sun Moon Lake (one clockwise and one counter-clockwise). The lake and its surroundings are one of the most popular holiday and weekend destinations in the country. Situated in the middle of Taiwan, this is the nation’s largest body of freshwater and buzzes with cyclists year round. Being so central and also having three road climbs nearby over 55km each, it’s easy to see why! The realistic portrayal of the route simulation also turns virtual exploration of Taiwanese events into an exciting platform for Taiwanese tourism. Virtual, but at the same time very realistic, ROUVY training delivers a postcard image of Taiwan into the living rooms of the worldwide cycling community.

Hosted by the Taiwan Cyclist Federation, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Sun Moon Lake Tourism Department, the ‘'Come! Bike Day” Challenge at Sun Moon Lake’  will last four weeks starting February 1st, 2021.

Completing all four courses within 4 weeks on ROUVY,  will not only enable the participants to win the ‘Come! Bike Day’ digital badge, but it will also automatically qualify  them for the  Lucky Dip competition:

The Grand First Prize is an ALL PAID TRIP* TO TAIWAN! including flights, hotels and event entry for ‘Come! Bike Day’! (If the first prize winner resides in Taiwan, he or she will receive free entry to ALL of the Taiwan Cyclist Federation events in 2021, plus transportation to ‘Come! Bike Day’ 2021 and accommodation whilst at Sun Moon Lake.)

  • 2nd prize - free entry* to our ‘Come! Bike Day’ event in Taiwan, plus all hotels and event cycling jersey (x5).
  • 3rd - free entry to our ‘Come! Bike Day’ event* and event jersey (x10).
  • 4th prize - 15 event jerseys.

*Event entry valid until 2023 / Flight to be booked by the TCF.

The Challenge and routes are live and open for registration here.

Press Contact:

Lee Rodgers

Taiwan Cyclist Federation, Communications Director

+886 975 777960



**About Taiwan Cyclist Federation  **

The NGO Taiwan Cyclist Federation was founded in 1999 and now organizes 30 separate events around Taiwan annually. The TCF co-operates closely with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau with the aim of increasing cyclo-tourism on the island, as well as working with local departmental governments to encourage cycling locally. The TCF is the organizer of the world-famous Taiwan KOM Challenge.


About Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration

The administration has a long history of co-organizing athletic events in and around the 12.8 sq/km lake, holding internationally renowned swimming, running, triathlon and cycling events annually. Sun Moon Lake is listed as one of the 13 National Scenic Areas of Taiwan. The local government is committed to ecological tourism and its motto is ‘low-carbon footprint of water, land and air tourism’.