School project, “Rotterdam Cycling on Tour” is underway using a virtual cycling format

Rotterdam, Netherlands / September 23, 2021 - The 2024/2025 Tour de France Grand Départ hopes unveiled in Rotterdam: from this week on, the “Rotterdam Cycling on Tour”, a school project, will be running in the city. In a specially equipped truck, secondary school students will get on smart trainers and test their skills on ROUVY’s augmented Rotterdam City course - the future Tour prolog.

The school project is the first move in the step-by-step plan for Rotterdam to realize the dream of hosting the Grand Départ of the world's largest cycling race, once again (after the successful Le Tour start in 2010).

An important part of the Rotterdam bid* includes the municipality’s initiatives to inspire, as many Rotterdammers as possible, to start cycling. The bicycle is promoted as a sustainable means of transport for an active lifestyle.

The ‘Rotterdam Cycling on Tour’ project shares the same goal. As of this week, the special ‘Rotterdam Cycling on Tour’ truck can be found in the vicinity of secondary schools. Smart stationary stations are ready in the truck with which the students can virtually drive through the center of the city in a stage hosted on ROUVY, past all iconic places and buildings, over the intended time trial course of the Grand Départ 2024/2025. As they cycle, they see the route, lifelike, on the screen. In the meantime, their condition is being monitored, for example, by measuring the wattage they achieve while pedaling away the kilometres. All results are processed per class, to determine the winning class!

The official kick-off of the school project will take place during the autumn break (mid-October). The truck will then appear at an iconic location in the city, where every Rotterdammer can test his or her skills on the indoor bike.


ROTTERDAM CYCLING is a project of the Rotterdam city council aimed to promote cycling sports and bike riding under the motto “Rotterdam. Make it happen.” www,rotterdamcycling.com

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Cycling Weekly reference*: “The Dutch cities of Rotterdam and The Hague have put themselves in the running to co-host the Grand Départ of the 2024 or 2025 Tour de France. If they were picked it would be the third time in 15 years that the Netherlands had hosted the Tour. Rotterdam wishes to be the host for the opening prologue with stage one being hosted around The Hague. The race organiser, ASO, will visit the area to review the bid as it looks to make its decision. The bid is said to be costing more than 20 million Euros.”

*TIM BONVILLE-GINN, APRIL 09, 2021, Rotterdam and The Hague look to host the Tour de France Grand Départ in 2024 or 2025, Cycling Weekly, Available at www.cyclingweekly.com