L'Étape Brasil goes virtual with Santander and Mitsubishi Motors as main sponsors

São Paulo, Brazil / For the first time, the Campos do Jordão circuit of L'Étape Brasil will be ridden simultaneously in the real and in the virtual world on ROUVY.

São Paulo, Brazil / For the first time, the Campos do Jordão circuit of L'Étape Brasil will be ridden simultaneously in the real and in the virtual world on ROUVY.

One of the great attractions of the L'Étape Brasil by Tour de France presented by Santander in 2022 will be the virtual version of the race fully immersed in the metaverse in partnership with the ROUVY platform. The race will be held in Serra da Mantiqueira, in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo.

With the innovative proposal of making cyclists anywhere in the world to experience a race commissioned by the Tour de France, great brands are allied to the project. For the first edition, Santander will have the naming rights, while Mitsubishi Motors will be one of the sponsors.

L'Étape Brasil Santander Virtual will make it possible, for those who want to participate from anywhere in the world, to virtually join the face-to-face event. In addition to the race, cyclists will virtually participate in two training sessions at the Virtual L'Étape Brasil Santander.

"The virtual edition of L'Étape Brasil Santander shows how much innovation and technology can work for the betterment of sport and help make cycling even more accessible and democratic. This virtual environment, identical to the route of the Campos do Jordão stage, will show that this real-virtual connection is here to stay not only on pedals but also as a great opportunity for the democratization of other sports,'' says Patricia Audi, vice president of Santander Brasil.

The face-to-face race as well as the virtual race are scheduled for the 25th of September. On the 13th, the registered cyclists already got a taste of what is to come, with the Treino Rei e Rainha da Montanha. On the 20th, the Climbing Pico do Itapeva took place, which was the last training session before the virtual race.

More than 500 cyclists are expected to participate in the first virtual edition of the race, broadcast on Youtube to over ten thousand people.

“This has everything to do with what we do at Santander, which is present in street, road and mountain biking events, supports the revitalization of Ciclovia São Paulo and Parque Bruno Covas, sponsors Henrique Avancini, and continues to create new actions to support those who pedal, whether in the innovative financing of sports and electric bikes or in the insurance and assistance that we created especially for cyclists,” concludes Patricia Audi.

Letícia Mesquita A. Oliveira, marketing director at Mitsubishi Motors, reinforces that, “The L'Étape virtual project is very positive because it manages to take the event to a much larger number of people, with an innovative high-tech action. It's great, as a brand, to be a part of it all”.

Registration for the race is here, broadcast here: Sept 25, 12:35 CET.

About L'Étape Brasil Santander

Less than a month away from another stage in Campos de Jordão (SP), L’Étape Brasil Santander is counting down to the competition between the 23rd and 25th of September.

When signing up for the race, cycling lovers had the option of choosing between two courses to compete: the short, with 60 km in length, and the long, with 104 km.

In 2022, L’Étape Brasil Santander goes to its 8th edition in search of consolidating itself even more in the Brazilian cycling scene. It is currently the biggest amateur cycling event in Latin America and promises to grow even more in this year's edition.

See the best moments of the L’Étape Brasil Santander race in 2021: Video here.

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