BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING and ROUVY announce the line-up of Brazilian ambassadors and further plans in the region

Brasilia, Brazil / August 24, 2021 - BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING announces ambassadors and further plans of the official partnership with ROUVY in the region. The organization plans to extend the main Brazilian cycling events in the major cities with their digital version and provide their best courses for the exciting augmented racing experience.

BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING was created in 2020 with the aim of offering athletes the option to remain competitive and sponsors to strengthen their brands in a completely new digital world. With the premise of VIRTUAL COMPETITIONS on REAL ROUTES, the BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING held its series of events called GPBRASIL of VIRTUAL CYCLING. Now, to enhance this concept, BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING announces further plans with ROUVY, an internationally renowned indoor cycling platform, which provides 1:1 digital courses in augmented reality for major world cycling and running events.

“Physical E-sport can go much further, and this is where new joint actions between ROUVY and BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING are to take place. With the number of competitive riders increasing, our goal is to make Brazil one of the top 5 cycling countries on the ROUVY platform by the end of 2022” says Schubert Abreu, Technical Director, Brazilian Virtual Cycling.

Through this partnership with ROUVY, 100% Brazilian routes will be developed in the cities of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, São Paulo/SP, Brasília/DF, Belo Horizonte/MG, Salvador/BA, Florianópolis/SC, Recife/PE, Aracaju/SE, Maceió/AL, Goiânia/GO and the mythical ascent of Serra do Rio Rastro - Lauro Muller/SC. Some of these routes are to be available by the end of the 2021 season and more are to come, with the announcement of 11 competitive stages in the 2022 season. In addition, the Brazilian Virtual Cycling and ROUVY officially announce their team of ambassadors in Brazil, who will lead a series of weekly Group Rides on routes all over the world, which include:

  • Ricardo Alcici (2x Brazilian Cycling Champion)
  • Cris Duque (Pan American Cycling Champion)
  • Ramon Costa (Triathlete and amateur ultramarathoner)
  • Ana Bonetti (Triathlete, leads the movement called ‘Women of Tri’)
  • Leonardo Loureiro (Triathlete)
  • Priscilla Pradines (Cyclist and Physical Educator)

Brazilian Virtual Cycling is currently recognized as an electronic sport by the World Electronic Sports Consortium-WESCO, the Brazilian Electronic Sports Confederation-CBDEL and the Brazilian University Sports Confederation_CBDU, bringing the recognition titles such as the BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIP to its series of events.


BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING was born from a start-up formed by specialists in the technical, marketing, logistics and live streaming areas. It’s a unique and innovative project in the Brazilian sports scene that mixes competition, entertainment and tourism through virtualized cycling. https://rouvy.com/partner/brazilian-virtual-cycling