Akagiyama Hill Climb Race hosts its first virtual edition on ROUVY on October 31st

Maebashi, Japan / October 28, 2020 – The Akagiyama AR Hill Climb – Virtual Edition takes place October 31st on ROUVY, featuring the same roads and group ride experience as the in-person 20.8 km event.

Mountain Akagiyama provides the best cycling during a beautiful autumn season in October and November. Now riders from all over the world can cruise or race to the top of Akagi mountain from their homes. The virtual route built with geo-synced video footage also allowing for ROUVY’s AR multi-rider mode is now published for pre-race reconnaissance.

Sam Sakai, Race Director “We are happy to deliver the virtual edition of the race for the first time. We are hosting a real race replica online and the platform gives a perfect reproduction of our real race. If we want to bring the real feel to all world climbers, there is no better platform choice.”

This event is free-to-enter with no limitations to take part. Drafting is “ON”. Athletes of all levels are welcomed to explore Japanese races, enjoy the 1:1 virtual race course this weekend and train for the real race in 2021.

Event Partners: Maebashi City, Wahoo, Team Griffin.

The race starts on October 31, 3:00 a.m. UTC / 12 p.m. JST, registration is open here.

About the race organizer

Akagiyama Hill Climb is in it’s 10th edition as a Hill Climb race event at Maebashi, Gunma, Japan.

Press Contact

Sam Sakai, Race Organizer

Akagiyama AR Hill Climb