ROUVY Updates Subscription Structure to Enable Groups to Ride Together

ROUVY has announced significant changes to its subscription model, opening up new packages for pairs of riders and groups of up to 5.

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app which lets you ride real routes around the world, has announced significant changes to its subscription model, opening up new packages for pairs of riders and groups of up to 5.

With the changes rolling out on 11th October 2023, this latest announcement supports ROUVY’s mission to offer the most motivating indoor riding experiences, enabling riders in the same household, friendship group, club or team to ride and train together.

Whilst the individual subscription price remains unchanged at 14.99 EUR/USD (or equivalent other currency, based on exchange rate), the new DUO package, for two riders, is priced at 19.99 EUR/USD, offering a total saving of 33% over the combined individual cost for two.

The Group subscription package is available for up to 5 riders and is priced at 32.99 EUR/USD, offering a saving of more than 55% over the individual cost for 5 - or a cost per person of less than 7 USD/EUR if split equally.

ROUVY is thought to be the first virtual cycling platform to offer group subscription packages for up to 5 riders, with no requirement for them to be registered at the same address.

Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY,

‘With our new pricing model, we're opening doors to a broader range of cyclists, regardless of their commitment time frame. We made this change because we want to provide more options and better value to our diverse community of users, whether they are individual cyclists or a family of five. Everyone knows riding is better with your friends, so we are offering these packages to encourage riders to train together!

For further information on the new pricing options available, visit blog article - THE NEW ROUVY. THE SAME…BUT BETTER


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About ROUVY ROUVY is the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world. Combining sport and technology, ROUVY is the #1 platform for a realistic and immersive video experience with over 1300 routes around the world to choose from. It enables cyclists to train, have fun and explore the world from the comfort of their own home.

ROUVY offers a wide variety of real routes, terrains and gradients filmed on high-quality video. There are challenges, special events, group rides, customized avatars and training plans to suit all levels and keep riders motivated to get fitter.

With its focus on realism, ROUVY is a partner of organizations like La Vuelta, PTO, Challenge Family and Strava.