Ride the Routes of the Tour de Suisse on ROUVY

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world, has unveiled plans for five new routes from stages of the 2024 Tour de Suisse to be added to the platform. The new routes will be available to ride on ROUVY from 27th May.

As part of a continued partnership with Tour de Suisse, ROUVY introduces a new Spotlight which allows riders to ride and compete on five entirely new virtual routes, from stages 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 of the men’s race which takes place between 9th - 16th June.

The Tour de Suisse, now in its 87th edition, often sees the world’s top stage race riders compete on highly challenging routes throughout some of Switzerland’s toughest and most breathtaking terrain. You too can now also ride these routes from the comfort of your own home with ROUVY, including the 15km final stage mountain time trial from Aigle to Villars-sur-Ollon.

The parcours of the Tour de Suisse is well-suited to ROUVY’s mission, which is to provide stunning, immersive riding experiences for indoor cycling. The five featured routes form part of a Tour de Suisse Spotlight on ROUVY which runs from 27th May to 23rd June. As part of this Spotlight, riders will also now be able to ride a virtual Trek Speed Concept, as ridden by Lidl-Trek at the race.

The bike will be available for all riders on ROUVY during the first week of the Tour de Suisse Spotlight, from 27th May to 23rd June. One hundred editions of the virtual bike will also be made available as prizes drawn randomly amongst finishers of the challenge.

The Spotlight opens on Monday 27th May and lasts until Sunday 23rd June. All participants who complete the Challenge, or participate in ROUVY’s Tour de Suisse official race, will receive a unique virtual jersey. Riders will also automatically be entered into a draw to win one of the 100 virtual Trek Speed Concept bikes on offer.

Virtual races will be organised on a part of each of the following stages:

  • STAGE 1 - TT, Vaduz, 4.3 km, 35m elevation gain - here
  • STAGE 2 - Kollbrunn, 32 km, 177m elevation - here
  • STAGE 3 - Rüschlikon, 36.9 km, 920m elevation gain - here
  • STAGE 5 - Cari, 18.3 km, 1098m elevation gain - here
  • STAGE 8 - TT, Villars, 16 km, 876m elevation gain - here

Images are available here.


ROUVY is an indoor cycling app built around realism and scenery. Designed for beginners as well as avid cyclists, riders of all levels can experience real-life routes on indoor trainers from home. It is a virtual cycling world consisting of over 1300 routes from around the world, including famous climbs like Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux. ROUVY uses augmented reality to simulate outdoor cycling, complete with accurate course data and realistic landscapes. Thanks to its focus on riding realism, ROUVY is a major partner of organizations like La Vuelta, Challenge Family, and Challenge Roth.