New Season Updates on ROUVY

As the Northern Hemisphere heads towards indoor riding season, ROUVY, the indoor cycling app which lets you ride real routes around the world, is preparing a host of significant updates to help riders keep going throughout the winter.

As the Northern Hemisphere heads towards indoor riding season, ROUVY, the indoor cycling app which lets you ride real routes around the world, is preparing a host of significant updates to help riders keep going throughout the winter.

Here’s an overview of the improvements and new features that users can expect to see throughout the coming months.

Explore The World With New Routes Everyone’s favourite topic! Starting in North America, ROUVY is adding 7 new highlighted routes including Centennial Lake in Canada - resplendent with autumnal falling leaves, the wide-open rolling plains and foothills of Wyoming’s looming Devil’s Tower National Monument - for film-fans of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the snow-touched wild forests of the Bryce National Park in Utah.

4 new highlighted European routes are also being introduced. First up, the off-season mecca of Mallorca, the famous Puig Major climb - the highest paved road on the island, is being added to ROUVY. Over to Italy, the misty Dolomiti Sellaronda circuit winding through ski villages and on the Italy-Switzerland border, a vibrant new Alpine Forcola di Livigno route will make an appearance. Finally, to France and the Cime de la Bonette - one of Europe’s highest passes and a regular feature in the Tour de France.

Keep your eyes peeled for many more routes, which will be added regularly throughout the indoor season.

A Brand New ROUVY Dashboard And Web Portal Collating extensive feedback from users, ROUVY has developed a new dashboard to highlight and enhance the experience that its content creates for the rider - from routes and challenges to races, group rides, and workouts.

Following a major UI overhaul of the ROUVY app, this new development provides a seamless journey for users, simplifying decision making processes and allowing users to focus on achieving their best, whether through quantifiable achievements or simply feeling a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Alongside the in-app updates, the ROUVY web portal has been redesigned. Replacing legacy portals rouvy.com/me and my.rouvy.com it allows users to view and analyze their past activities, easily manage their account, connect their account with supported apps such as Strava and Garmin, and easily discover new content including routes, workouts, events or event ‘Spotlight’ series’.

Get The New ROUVY Bike There’s a new bike on the way, celebrating ROUVY’s recent rebrand and new colours. This will become the default bike on ROUVY, available in everyone’s garage.

Ride Together With New Subscription Models To make it easier to ride with your friends and teammates, ROUVY is introducing some new group subscription models in October. More information on this to follow soon.

Save Your Favorite Riding Memories with Snapshots Capture your favorite riding moments and share them with your Strava community using Snapshots in the Companion App, which turns your smartphone into a controller to improve your ride without leaving the saddle. You can now easily choose and register for your next route or event via the Companion App, as well as create a playlist of your future rides and always be up-to-date with the latest news.

New AI Updates To Improve Your Workouts And Keep You Motivated To Ride ROUVY is rebuilding the workout screen to provide a more seamless experience and allow you to fully focus on the session plan. ROUVY is also working on utilising machine learning to create new scenarios which push you harder and keep you motivated - fully tailored to your current level of ability. There will be an announcement about this

Antonin Parma, ROUVY Product Experience Director

This is always an exciting part of the year for us at ROUVY. Approaching indoor season, we get the opportunity to present everything we have been developing to make the riding experience even more engaging, motivating and fun! We aim to provide a seamless transition between riding outdoors and riding indoors and this year we’re improving the way riders discover and engage with our content such as routes or workouts; meaning you can get on your bike and start riding as soon as possible. ROUVY is all about immersing yourself, riding real places so we’ve added stunning new routes - well-trodden fan favorites like Puig Major, and lesser-known riding locations to explore such as the beguiling Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming - with many more to come. There’s even more to come throughout the season so get on, keep riding and we’ll see you out there!

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