ROUVY announces technical partnership with Lidl-Trek providing virtual training and race reconnaissance

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world, is thrilled to announce a new technical partnership with the professional cycling team Lidl-Trek, marking its first sponsorship of a UCI WorldTeam.

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world, is thrilled to announce a new technical partnership with the professional cycling team Lidl-Trek, marking its first sponsorship of a UCI WorldTeam.

The partnership with ROUVY will provide Lidl-Trek riders a high-tech tool for indoor training and, thanks to ROUVY's real-world riding environment and supporting datapoints, will offer the possibility of an increasingly meticulous approach to racing.

In addition, ROUVY users can expect the following updates to the platform:

1. New TREK Madone Bike: Starting 1st January, the iconic TREK Madone bike is available for all ROUVY users to ride on the platform. As of February, it will become a virtual garage item attainable through in-game coins. Additionally, other TREK bike models are expected to be introduced during this period.

2. Virtual Lidl-Trek Jersey: Commencing January 8th, users can proudly don the exclusive Virtual Lidl-Trek jersey during races, showcasing their support for the renowned cycling team.

3. Training Plan by Lidl-Trek: A comprehensive training plan designed by Lidl-Trek’s performance experts will be made available on ROUVY, allowing users to train like the pros and improve their performance.

4. Leaderboards: Follow in the tire tracks of Lidl-Trek riders and compare your times on the routes they have conquered. You might even bump into them on the road.

5. Events with Lidl-Trek Athletes: Keep an eye out for special events featuring Lidl-Trek athletes. While specific dates and athlete names are yet to be confirmed, users can anticipate engaging with their cycling idols in various exciting events.

6. Down Under Challenges: Embark on the Down Under Challenge on ROUVY for a chance to win one of three signed Lidl-Trek jerseys. This unique opportunity adds an extra layer of excitement to the virtual cycling community.

Commenting on the partnership, Antonin Parma, Product Experience Director at ROUVY added: "We're absolutely thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking partnership with Lidl-Trek. At ROUVY, we pride ourselves on bringing the most realistic cycling experience to our users, and this collaboration takes it to a new level. By meticulously recording the Down Under Tour routes in Australia, we've provided Lidl-Trek with unparalleled training opportunities on authentic terrains. Throughout the year, we'll be adding an array of famous cycling routes, including UCI race courses, Spring Classics, and iconic Grand Tour courses like La Vuelta. With more than 30,000 km of augmented reality routes already available on ROUVY, our users are in for an unrivalled virtual cycling journey, riding alongside the best in the world."

Steven De Jongh, Sports Director at Lidl-Trek, said, "ROUVY is unique in the world of indoor training apps, as it offers the chance to take a better look at roads and routes that are used for many of our races. Race preparation comes not only from training, but also from detailed knowledge of routes and pitfalls. That’s why an app like ROUVY can hold a strategic importance and advantage that few others have".

Elynor Backstedt, rider at Lidl-Trek, added “At the moment we’re dropping our little Google Maps man and walking some of the roads, so to have the roads filmed and readily available to ride will really help … and it’ll help the climbers be able to feel the climbs and different gradients, and also for sprint finishes, you can get more of a feel for how much a road is uphill/downhill, if there’s corners, and I think that’ll be a really big advantage for us”.

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ROUVY is the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world.

Combining sport and technology, ROUVY is the #1 platform for a realistic and immersive video experience with over 1300 routes around the world to choose from. It enables cyclists to train, have fun and explore the world from the comfort of their own home. ROUVY offers a wide variety of real routes, terrains and gradients filmed on high-quality video. There are challenges, special events, group rides, customized avatars and training plans to suit all levels and keep riders motivated to get fitter. With its focus on realism, ROUVY is a partner of organizations like La Vuelta, PTO, Challenge Family and Strava.

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