ROUVY and Festka partner up to bring superbikes to your indoor training

ROUVY riders will be able to take to the world’s greatest roads and routes aboard a true superbike, the Festka Spectre. The bike will be free to use for the duration of the 2023 La Vuelta a España, and can be used to ride the actual race route.

ROUVY, the indoor cycling app which lets you ride real routes around the world, has announced a partnership with high-end bike manufacturer Festka to bring their world-renowned bikes onto the platform. From today until 17th September (the end of the 2023 La Vuelta a España), riders can hop aboard their very own Festka Spectre and use it to ride not only a selection of stages of the race, but also head to some of the most iconic climbs and routes around the world.

For the duration of La Vuelta, ROUVY users can head to their virtual garage and select the superbike for free, after which the bike will be available for purchase by using riders’ virtual currency.

Riding on an indoor trainer has never been more enjoyable. Rouvy's acclaimed innovative approach and attention to detail virtually reduce the difference between indoor training and riding outside, moving the former onto another level. The chance to test ride a unique bike in Rouvy's augmented reality environment is an opportunity that would be a pity to miss.” - Michael Moureček (CEO of Festka)

I am thrilled about this partnership with Festka, a true pioneer in premium custom bicycles. This collaboration brings together ROUVY’s advanced virtual cycling experience and Festka’s exceptional craftsmanship. It’s a unique moment where technology and artistry meet.” - Petr Samek (CEO of ROUVY)

The inclusion of the bike in the platform is the latest in a series of collaborative activities between ROUVY and Festka. In addition, the bike has been used in ROUVY’s latest TV advertisement as the brand seeks to grow its user base and bring the reality of outdoor riding into riders’ homes.

ROUVY. Keep Going.

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About ROUVY ROUVY is the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world. Combining sport and technology, ROUVY is the #1 platform for a realistic and immersive video experience with over 1300 routes around the world to choose from. It enables cyclists to train, have fun and explore the world from the comfort of their own home.

ROUVY offers a wide variety of real routes, terrains and gradients filmed on high-quality video. There are challenges, special events, group rides, customized avatars and training plans to suit all levels and keep riders motivated to get fitter.

With its focus on realism, ROUVY is a partner of organizations like La Vuelta, PTO, Challenge Family and Strava.


About Festka Festka has been making top-quality custom bicycles in Prague, Czech Republic, since 2010. It counts many interesting people among its clients – Hollywood celebrities, people from big business, as well as those who discovered cycling later in life as their preferred form of exercise and want (and can afford) to ride an exceptional bike. Festka is renowned for cooperating with topnotch institutions such as the European Space Agency and the Czech Technical University. The firm was founded by the former pro cyclist Michael Moureček and his entrepreneur friend Ondřej Novotný. From the very beginning, the creative side of things has been the domain of Tomáš Hnida. Up to 90% of the company’s production is exported, with 80% of exports heading outside the EU to Asia (China, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines) and the USA.