The 2nd Virtual Edition of the stage race series “PEDALITALY Giro di Sera”

May 5th 2022

The 2nd Virtual Edition of the stage race series “PEDALITALY Giro di Sera”

Lucca, Toscana (Italy) / May 5th, 2022 - From May 10th, the global cycling community will be competing virtually on beautiful, real-life courses across Italy on ROUVY. The course segments are the same and are on the same days as the first grand tour of the season. Those who can’t visit Italy in May for the bike trip are welcome to ride these routes from the best Italian races from home.

Great virtual racing experience, enabling athletes to ride the iconic cycling locations or the next real-life event from home, is the core of ROUVY’s augmented cycling reality platform. Exciting and immersive routes, terrific views and great prizes from partners promise a lot of racing fun for riders of any level in these virtual journeys around the world. This time, the exclusive Italian partner of ROUVY, PEDALITALY, takes athletes on a virtual multi-stage Tour with 5 races in ITALY! These 5 racing days will test cyclists, on climbing and tactical and time trial skills, on both long and short routes.

“Join the PEDALITALY GIRO DI SERA and enjoy the atmosphere of the pink grand tour. And of course, plan to come one day to Italy in person to experience the magnificence of the mountainous and panoramic Italian landscapes,” invites Gabriele Mirra, Head of PEDALITALY.


Giro di Sera Racing Series / May 10 - May 28, 2022

May 10th | ETNA

The first stage of Giro di Sera is an immediately challenging but spectacular stage in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, Sicily. The route will take us up the southern slope of Mount Etna, dedicated to one of the greatest climbers in the history of cycling: Marco Pantani. At an altitude of 1,900 m the boundless view that opens up before the eyes of the cyclists will repay all efforts.

May 17th | RECANATI

Situated on the top of a hill, Recanati is the typical "balcony city": from here, in fact, you can enjoy a wide panorama of the surrounding hills and valleys of the Marche region. This ‘City of Poetry’ is the birthplace of one of the greatest poets of Italian literature, Giacomo Leopardi. And it is near the house where the poet was born that this beautiful virtual race begins, in the heart of the Marche region.

May 21st | TORINO

This is a stage on the outskirts of Turin that starts from Superga, right next to its beautiful Basilica. Located at an altitude of 672 metres, the Basilica is one of Turin's symbolic monuments. The route opens up onto the view of the rolling hills and surrounding plains. Towards the end, 2 km of challenging climbs conclude this splendid city stage through the hills of Turin.

May 25th | CEMBRA

The Valle di Cembra is a land which produces wonderful wine and great cycling champions. After the first iconic climb, named Salita dei Campionissimi, the stage continues in gentle ups and downs, passing through typical Trentino villages. The finish line is located next to one of the 300 alpine lakes that characterize the place.

May 28th | PORDOI

This stage is the typical "alpine stage". Participants will climb one of the most iconic passes in the Dolomites: the Pordoi Pass, which has entered the history books of cycling because it has been the stage destination of the Giro d'Italia on several occasions, but above all because of the majesty of the Dolomite landscape, making it a must for every cycling enthusiast. The EU, USA and Asia time zones are available.


  • Each day is an individual, stand-alone single race with the individual and overall general classification and country standings based on points.
  • Bike selection and drafting are available and always “ON”.
  • Ranking in the series is based on the best 3 results in the races. In each race, points are distributed accordingly.


The series and prizes are presented by PEDALITALY. Anyone who participates in at least one race is entitled to a 20% discount for a tour in Italy in 2022 among those offered by Pedalitaly or Ciclismo+.


Athletes wishing to participate in the Giro di Sera series must have a smart trainer, bike, and a device capable of using ROUVY, such as a phone, tablet, computer, or AppleTV, connected to the Internet. A valid ROUVY account is required and new riders, who want to be part of the action, don’t need an active subscription, thanks to the partnership between Rouvy and Pedalitaly.


BROADCAST on May 10th, 17th and 25th - provided on Pedalitaly channels: Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

Register here: (or here)


PEDALITALY, based in Lucca, Tuscany is an exclusive partner of ROUVY in Italy and the first Neverending Cycling model in the world dedicated to Italian cycling tourism. The project is innovative because it combines a virtual cycling format with an offer of real cycling tourism, in the most beautiful and panoramic destinations, in Italy. With the slogan, “Virtual and Real cycling”, PEDALITALY is a go-to cycling hub to discover Italy via cycling.