DIGITAL JAPAN CUP CYCLE ROAD RACE UTSUNOMIYA | Riders from UCI World and Pro Teams will race virtually on Oct 16th on ROUVY

Utsunomiya City, Japan / October 14th, 2021 - The pros from BAHRAIN VICTORIOUS, TEAM BIKEEXCHANGE, Utsunomiya Blitzen together with other Japanese continental teams, will compete on ROUVY during a 30 km virtual race on the 1:1 replica of the UCI annual Japan Cup road race. Special guests; former pro riders and elite climbers Ivan Basso (2012 Japan Cup winner), Damiano Cunego (2005 and 2008 Japan Cup winner), and Manuele Mori (2007 Japan Cup winner); and Robbie McEwen (Australia) will join the race.

The Japan Cup Cycle Road Race Organizing Committee together with ROUVY present and bring Asia's premier road race to the global community of cycling enthusiasts. The 2021 edition of Japan Cup Cycle Road Race will have 2 virtual competitions, the “pros only” and the fan open race versions.

Digital Japan Cup Cycle Road Race Utsunomiya - The Pro race

The pro race lineups feature Matej MOHORIČ, Yukiya Arashiro and Damiano CARUSO from BAHRAIN VICTORIOUS; Michael MATTHEWS, Jack BAUER and Rob STANNARD from TEAM BIKEEXCHANGE; Nariyuki Masuda from Utsunomiya Blitzen and many others.

Ivan Basso, Damiano Cunego and Manuele Mori from Italy and Robbie McEwen from Australia are joining the peloton as special guests.

The ‘pros-only’ race will start at 11:00 am CEST (18:00 Japan time).

Digital Japan Cup Open Race

All athletes and cyclists around the globe are invited to ride the open version of the race to be able to compare their efforts to the pros (the open race will be held 2 hours before the pros’ race).

The fan open race starts at 9:00 am CEST (16:00 Japan time).

Registration here

Via ROUVY, the athletes have the benefit of travelling the world virtually and will enjoy the classic Japanese picturesque landscapes of Utsunomiya Forest Park from home.

Rules: Drafting is set by default for both races.

Kenji SASANO is the Race Director for the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race Organizing Committee.

Race Route

The race is held on a 30 km circuit around the Utsunomiya Forest Park where the 1990 UCI Road World Championships took place. The AR route is published and available for augmented riding and racing.


The live stream of the races will be broadcast with Japanese commentary on the official channel of the race.

Japan Cup Cycle Road Race official channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Japancup

The registration for the open race, starting 9:00 CEST, October 16th, is open here.

About Japan Cup Cycle Road Race

The Japan Cup Cycle Road Race was established in 1992 as a memorial race for the 1990 World Cycling Championships held in Utsunomiya City.

Since 2008, the Japan Cup has been certified as “Hors class” by the UCI, which makes it one of the highest-level races. With the criterium race set in central Utsunomiya city since 2010, the Japan Cup has truly become the most important race in Asia.

As one of the largest races in Asia, the quality of participants and the race itself has improved over the years, and the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) has recognized it as a leader in the development of cycling in Asia. It is becoming increasingly recognized around the world.


[Photo credit:Yuzuru SUNADA/ⒸJAPANCUP UTSUNOMIYA, more images here]