ROUVY is the Official Virtual Ride Partner of the 2023 PTO Tour.

This partnership will provide triathletes with the opportunity to experience the PTO bike courses from the comfort of your home, train and prepare for PTO events, along with other special benefits.

Who we are

ROUVY is the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world. We provide triathletes with a platform that lets you train throughout the year, connect with the triathlon community and have fun.

The Professional Triathlon Organisation (PTO) is bringing world class Triathlon events to iconic locations, from Ibiza, Spain to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Unique to the PTO, age groupers have the opportunity to ride the same course as the best professional triathletes in the world after seeing them compete. Now, with the Virtual Ride by Rouvy, all indoor cyclists can also train ahead of their triathlon and learn what to expect on race day!

Ride the PTO Asian Open on ROUVY

The stunning Singapore course for the PTO Asian Open on 19-20 August. Experience the route for yourself beforehand in July by registering for the Virtual Ride by ROUVY.

Watch this space for future events with ROUVY and PTO.

Test yourself on iconic routes

Wherever you are in the world, ROUVY and PTO bring triathlon's ultimate race experience to you. Follow in the footsteps of the triathlon greats, train with friends, test yourself in virtual competitions and have fun.

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Age Grouper entries need to submit proof of swimming competency in an open water swim. More information can be found in the FAQ section

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