8/21/2023 Lauren Wolff

Experience La Vuelta 2023 virtually on ROUVY

The La Vuelta is exciting, unpredictable, unique, hot, brutal and gripping. In an overview of the annual UCI WorldTour events calendar, La Vuelta is the last Grand Tour of the year, held in August through September. 'Vuelta' means 'to go around' or "to tour, "and this year's 78th edition of the La Vuelta Grand Tour stage race will scorch its way through Spain over three gruelling weeks with the Gran Partidas on August 26th in Barcelona. It promises to be a spectacular event!

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8/3/2023 Lauren Wolff

The prestige and honour of the 2023 UCI Road World Championships

A challenging and undulating 96th edition of the UCI Road World Championships event in the host country of Scotland awaits the world’s best men and women riders, representing their respective countries, where they will be lining up on the startline on the first and second weekends in August. With its technical and hilly profile, there are many opportunities to attack and chase the victory, sweetly rewarded with the prized rainbow jersey and the gold medal that every rider in the event dreams of winning.

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1/17/2023 Danny Holman

Get in the routine with ROUVY regulars

You might think that the Monte Zoncolon climb is a tough challenge, but these days, it's often tougher to simply maintain a regular cycling routine. With today's busy lives, riders need every bit of help they can get to motivate themselves.So with new year resolutions still fresh in everyone's minds, that's why we've relaunched ROUVY Regulars to give you some inspiration, variety and incentive.***

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