Are you passionate about cycling and technology? Do you want to be part of a dynamic team that is revolutionizing the indoor cycling experience?


If a cyclist stops moving, he falls over. Movement is part of ROUVY's DNA as well as a cyclist's. We have the dynamic mindset of athletes - in our physical, mental and work attitude.

We're working in a highly competitive industry that is changing and evolving fast. We are exploring new terrain and new possibilities, always moving forward. We adapt to new technologies, and we constantly look for creative ways to find new solutions.

About us

Eyes on the Prize

In a race, it's the result that counts and we are results-driven. We give everything 100%. We believe in hard work with a hands-on approach to get things done. Our goal is to build something wonderful that will have a real impact on the sport and fitness industry.

Part of the Peleton

We're assured and bold. We are motivated by innovation and we take risks. We are not afraid to attack from the front when the moment is right. We are proud of our product and we are confident, passionate and positive when we talk to the world about it.

Riding in an Echelon

We work as a team - maximizing efforts and protecting others from the wind. We're supportive and treat everyone respectfully. We're there to help each other. We are a European company
but with a global vision.

ROUVY team

Petr Samek

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Mrva

Chief Marketing Officer

Mirka Hrivňáková

Chief human resources officer

Marek Matyska

Product Director

Erik Hegely

Growth Director

Adam Slabý

Chief Financial Officer

Matúš Kocka

Tech Director

Antonín Parma

Product Experience Director

Barbora Petříková

Performance Director

Pavel Rath

CRM Director

Petra Hájková

Brand Director

Benefits and Perks

ROUVY offers some great benefits for employees:

Flexible working hours, 5 weeks of holidays, 2 sick days, Scott & Weber offices service (RUSTONKA building, Prague 8), Budget allowance for personal development, Yearly contribution to English lessons, 3 extra days of holidays if participating in a ROUVY sporting trip, Convenience of borrowing a trainer for your home, enabling you to stay in close contact with our product, be fit and prepared for our team rides.


Open positions

Customer Care Team Lead

As the Customer Care Team Lead at ROUVY, you will play a pivotal role in leading a team of Customer Support Specialists to deliver exceptional service to our users.

Content director

As ROUVY's Content Director, you will directly lead a marketing team of copywriters, graphic designers, video creators, and social media experts, focusing on crafting compelling content for digital platforms.

Marketing Data Analyst

As a Marketing Data Analyst, you'll distill data insights for stakeholders, aiding informed decisions and fostering a data-driven culture.

Backend Developer

As a Backend Developer, your mission is to be a crucial contributor to our company's software development.