Get the ROUVY Companion App

Turn your smart phone into a controller to improve your ride. Now you have more options and more control over how you want to ride.

Control the main app without leaving your saddle

No more annoying breaks and pauses. Control your ride on your phone from your fingertips for an even more immersive experience.


Every goal you achieve can be now recorded as a snapshot. Capture the vistas, climbs and descents of your ride with a single tap in the Companion app. Share the triumphs, milestones, or funny moments of your cycling journey with your friends and community.

Create a Ridelist for your future rides

Search & store the routes you find and want to do when it's more convenient, by creating a personal 'Ride Later' ridelist.

How to use the ROUVY Companion App


Step 1: Create account

You'll need a ROUVY account and if you don't have one already, you can create one here in seconds.


Step 2: Install Rouvy App

ROUVY Companion App is designed to work when paired with the main ROUVY app. Download the app here if you don't have it already.


Step 3: Get Companion App

Install the Companion App on your phone and use the same credentials as the ROUVY app. They will sync automatically.

Choose your platform

Choose the version for your OS and download it.