Explore World with ROUVY

ROUVY brings the real world into your living rooms, your pain caves and all the other places you like to use for training.

More than 15,000 Km of augmented routes

Experience iconic cycling locations and events from your home - Passo dello Stelvio, Col du Tourmalet, Kona and many others. Enjoy riding on real routes in Augmented Reality - feel the ride, the same way you do outside.

ROUVY career

Enjoy building up your fitness

Ride, collect coins and upgrade your equipment. Pay with your effort and stay fit all year long with algorithm-calibrated training program.

Enjoy workouts on your favourite AR routes

ROUVY takes Workouts to another level by combining them with beautiful augmented route videos of your choice.

Race in real time with other athletes

We deliver the most iconic races to you. Our partnership with exciting race organizers brings you truly great events.

PRO Chaser Group Ride #3

PRO Chaser Group Ride #3

Event info
Jan 19th — Wednesday
18:00 (UTC)

Stay motivated with challenges

Challenge yourself and your friends with friendly competition and collect challenge badges.


Over 30 challenges are ready to test your skills.

Tour des Stations

…and much more

ROUVY has many features you will love. Feel free to explore them one by one.

Training programs

ROUVY provides complex training courses and prepared sets.

3rd party apps

ROUVY supports TrainingPeaks, Strava, FinalSurge, and many more.

Data analysis

ROUVY creates a training diary for you with detailed statistics.

Strong community

Find friends and competitors alike, at one place. Join the group.


You can ride a bike, run a treadmill or do other sports indoors with ROUVY.

All platforms

ROUVY is available for all major platforms and operating systems.