La Vuelta Group Ride with Martí Márquez and Jordi López

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Event finished onJul 6. 7. 2022 – 17:00
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Enjoy a social ride with Martí Márquez and Jordi López - members of KernPharma Team and pedal high among the mountains of the Catalan countryside. You’ll weave your way through the towering and majestic forested cliffs and magnificent scenery of the Parc Natural de la Muntanya de Monsterrat, with stunning views of the surrounding area. The Montserrat Monastery, with roots in the 13th century, is located in Catalonia.

Join the Group Ride with Martí Márquez and Jordi López - the current UCI pro riders from KernPharma Team and enjoy a non-competitive, fun and social ride exploring the area. Enjoy the scenery as you get pulled along by the algorithm further back in the group for an easy ride or venture closer to the leader to apply more effort. This is not a race but a social event.

RIDE WITH Martí Márquez

Martí Márquez

Meet Martí Márquez: this is his eighth season at this club – five with Equipo Lizarte in the amateur ranks and three with Equipo Kern Pharma as a pro. He has proven time and again he has enough understanding of this sport as to make it into the breakaway, score results or pull hard at the head of the bunch depending on what the race asks for.

RIDE WITH Jordi López

Jordi López

Meet Jordi López: the kind of rider and person that any sports director, any mechanic and any cyclist likes to have around. A hard-working teammate who can also be a versatile, blazing puncheur when given the chance. He will show his worth over the 2022 season.